We’re a think tank of creative expression; we’re quirky, thoughtful, creative and passionate. We’re interested in all types of art and creators, the expression of the college experience, in sharing the things we love.  We are introspective and collaborative; inclusive and amiable; we love easy conversation, the easy-going exchanges of ideas; we possess a passion for slowing down and looking more deeply at the small things in a world full of quick consumption and hustle and bustle. In this way, we’re contrarians, but not in an aggressive or spiteful way; rather as a way to explore our creativity in a world that likes to crush it. 


Art, photography, music, personal essays, poetry, short fiction, film, books, breweries, skating, surfing, fashion, sports, light politics, life itself and the passionate expression of so much more.

If you're a UNH student and interested in becoming a part of what we do (there's no experience necessary—anyone can become a contributor!), give us a shout at mainstreetmagazine@gmail.com. All are encouraged and welcome to indulge in our shared funkanomics.