So it’s spring semester. UNH Instagram has reminded us every chance they get that graduation is approaching. Your family began asking questions long ago about what your post-grad plans were, but they’ve become so frequent that you might as well just tattoo your elevator speech on your forehead. Hopefully you’ve applied for graduation by now; if not, I’m pretty sure you accidentally extended your stay here another semester. Either way you probably feel an anxiety-inducing slew of sadness, fear, nostalgia and excitement on the daily. Here’s how to work through those feelings and, more or less, survive.

Absolute optimism. Misery loves company and a lot of people have happened into a life they don’t necessarily want. They’ve been manipulated into valuing certain things that aren’t actually what they as individuals value. But here’s the thing: just because something is true of someone else’s life, doesn’t mean it will...

*Disclaimer: this will not apply to everyone and I encourage just about everyone I meet to see a therapist, counselor, or psychologist. You have free access to these services as a student, take advantage of it.

It’s interesting how so many of us, myself included, find our comfort zone to be the place we most want to reside. It feels natural. It’s safe; risk-free. At least it disguises itself as such. But I think the comfort zone is the least safe place we can be in and here’s why. Leaving my comfort zone has been the one thing that has consistently saved me from myself. “Myself” meaning my mind.

I think this sinking back into the abyss of our comfort zones is most habitual in times that our minds are suffering. Or maybe sinking into comfort has been the cause of my suffering. Seems like a chicken or the egg dilemma. Either way, as of this moment being halfway through my senior year, I would say I’v...

Have you ever noticed how difficult recycling is? I mean, first they’re asking me to walk past the trash can that is immediately on my way to class, take 20 seconds out of my day to walk to the already overflowing recycling bin, then take even more time to perfectly balance my empty coffee cup on top and for what? For it to fall out and get blown away in the wind? 

Then, they try to be problem solvers. Provide an equal amount of recycling bins as they do trash cans. Now they want me to rinse out what I’m using? Hold the cleaned out container up to the light to try to find that little triangle with a number? Actually remember which numbers I’m allowed to recycle and which are destined for the other Far Away Place That Is Not To Be Mentioned?  

THEN, they introduce composting in Union Court? I’m sorry but if they need three whole posters AND these sustainability cheerleaders just to help us figure out what’s allowed...

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