There I was, crawling around on the floor backstage in the Hennessy Theatre, desperately attempting to pick all of my

drumsticks up without missing my cue for the next song. The glint of my two antennae-like stand lights, far up on my

music stand, was all that illuminated my way. As I scrambled to collect my sticks and mallets, organizing them as best as I could with my limited time and light, I silently slithered back onto the drum stool and grabbed the glockenspiel off of the stand. Flipping a page ahead in my music, I flicked on my mini light, snatched up my mallets and was ready when our music director, Lauren Craven, raised her hands to cue us in for the song.

Sound like a lot? That’s the life of a pit musician—at least during a show. Although usually your instruments are right by your side and don’t fall all over the floor during a performance, there’s still a lot to keep track of. But there’s nothing lik...

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