As America watches its mangy rash grow exponentially, while avoiding contact and adminsitering cream periodically, the instinctive reaction is to ignore the widening edges and instead just focus on the color. Ravaging the poor and vulnerable, the problem is conspicuous but, apart from its occasional political capital, ignored. Yet the placard of drug abuse and the opioid epidemic continues to hang on humanity and local doorways. One of those doorways falls within the town of Newmarket, NH, where  past the threshold, a mother dies from the latent effects of heroin addiction while her son watches by the bed. That woman was, and is, Richard’s mother, who after navigating the gauntlet of drug addiction, prison time, and finally getting clean, relapsed again. She died of an acute pulmonary embolism from an previously ignored infection caused by dirty needles in 2015. She did not overdose, but the end result was the same.


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