Michael Simes of Newmarket, an active and otherwise healthy University of New Hampshire student, spent a week straight during J-term break cemented to his bed. What started out as a mild cold rapidly manifested itself into a monster that rears its ugly head across campuses nationwide every year.

“I ended up losing 10 pounds because I couldn’t eat anything. I slept the whole time,” said Simes regarding his experience with the nasty H3N2 strain that is going around this year. Simes was admitted to the hospital twice over break because he was struck with fevers of 104°F and 105°F that would not regulate. First, at Exeter Hospital, then, at Portsmouth Regional he received fluids and fever reduction medication. “It was very hard to stand up and walk for a day or two cause I was so dehydrated,” he said, “It became very severe.”

As the influenza virus reproduces and spreads this year, students and faculty at UNH should take ex...

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