Yep, you know the drill: guy meets girl in an overcrowded, loud and hot party with blaring music and booze everywhere. College! You start dancing with one hot chick, and next thing you know, you’re talking to her - easy! You exchange names and majors in between sips of beer in someone’s basement. Your hands move from your hips to hers. She doesn’t move them. You’re in the clear!

Or are you?

You ask her if she’d like to continue the fun back at your place, and she says “sure!” You hold her hand, like the gentleman you are, and lead her through the crowd, making sure that everyone sees this beautiful girl holding your hand. You flaunt it!

Next thing you know, you’re back at your apartment with this beautiful drunk girl. Now what? Are we supposed to have sex?

Not so fast!

First, get her a drink of water or some soda if you have any, then make sure that she knows where she is and who you are. Then you can start making moves. H...

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