As my last semester comes to a close, I revel at the moments spent with Main Street Magazine, as well as those with the newspaper staff at The New Hampshire.

            When I was the design editor at TNH, in the spring and the fall of 2016, I didn’t really do much, and they definitely weren’t the biggest fans of mine. The typical haze of this constant, “is this really what you want to be doing…?” got the best of me.   

            One of my roommates at the time, a Mr. Andrew Hartnett, shared a similar concern about the direction of his time while we learned how to make breakfast sandwiches with waffles and mastered the arts of GameCube and beer pong.

            In honest reflection, he and I stumbled into our positions here at the magazine. We just...

1) Scoff every time he brings up his wife & kids

Allude to your superiority with throat clears and coughs. So she had his children, but you have his 401 class. All is fair in love and war.

2) Always wear something slutty to class

Nothing says, “I’m hot and intellectual,” like a tube top in December. Men appreciate the dedication.

3) Don’t do your homework

Make sure to turn in none of your assignments, instead, upload naked pictures of yourself in lieu of reading responses. Make sure they are late on MyCourses. Men love when you play hard to get.

4) Office hours

Attend these religiously. Make sure never to bring up any of the assignments. Ask him about his day and his dick size. Adults love this as it shows that you care about the little things.

5) Ask questions

Men love when you act interested. When he asks the class what year the Napoleonic Wars started, raise your hand and ask where he buys his loafers. This will be subtle a...

Simple, sweet & almost bare, Sylvan Esso has defined a genre in of itself with her upbeat, ghost-like tone & electronic accompaniment.

With only two albums to date, each and every song released by the duo dawning from Durham, NC, is an instant hit. The echoing tone and electronic harmonizing of the slam-poetry-style-sounds rings against the powerful messages hidden beneath a hypnotizing beat. It is warm belly music.

Most known for the songs, “Coffee,” & “Hey Mami,” the majority of the group’s work is comprised solely of Amelia Meathe’s vocals and Nick Sanborn’s electronic production.

Sylvan Esso is haunting, yet upbeat - it rings with a perpetually bittersweet tone with a strong emphasis on the sweet.

It is incredibly difficult to understand what Esso is saying within their airy, light lyrics. Yet, if you took the time to really listen, the group creates poetic and political statements with word play and long pauses. 


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