Men's Varsity 4: Joseph Stevens, Patrick McNulty, Emmaline Willis, Spencer Rees, Brendan Courtney (Bronze Medal, 2019 Lake Quinsigamond Snake Regatta)


Returning to college as a veteran and nontraditional student in 2009, I have been very fortunate to meet many positive and ambitious students and student athletes at UNH Durham. My interest was peaked by conversations with classmates who were rowers, in 2011. Since then I have stayed in touch with the team, and have been fascinated with how a winning legacy has been built-and sustained-by a club team competing against Division 1 schools on a regular basis.


I remember being at Fort Devens, MA for my Army reserve weekend in October 2015, when I was notified by one of the UNH Crew coaches that the women rowers won the gold medal at the Head of the Charles Regatta. I couldn’t wait to get back to campus to compose the article...

 The dive and construction crew were a mixed lot. Their colorful personalities carried us through the grind of the hot workdays. The time that we spent in the water as commercial divers was the fun part; the topside duties could be dull. Nevertheless, they were important to the safety of the man in the water.


We were working on a barge moored on the upriver side of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge, also known as the Route 1 Bypass Bridge. The unforgiving tides of the Piscataqua River required us to time our underwater work carefully. This summer we were making about two dives a day, setting up underwater blasting sites to clear an anchorage for a marina near Eliot on the Maine side.


From the barge we could look downriver and see the Memorial Bridge connecting Portsmouth with Badger’s Island. In the other direction loomed the towering I-95 Bridge, with its...

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