For a nation known as the birthplace of modern soccer, England has seen very little international success since their only World Cup victory in 1966. Despite their struggles on a global scale keeping up with rival countries like Germany or Italy, the sport remains a unifying factor and an important staple in England’s culture and history.

Football’s persistent popularity over the years borders on obsession. The sport has long been present on a domestic league scale in their English Premier League, a competition that sprouted and grew over a century after England first installed a league in 1888 that involved 12 teams. Now with four professional leagues across the country, football is an average piece of daily life in England with a club to represent just about any population. 

5 o’clock Wednesday night at a pub in Marylebone would see a steady flow of patrons coming in as work gets out, but on the occasional Wednesday n...

After ten years of negligence from the federal government while the e-cigarette and vape trend took off, a local community decided to act. With a 6-1-2 vote, the Dover City Council voted in favor of the Tobacco 21 (T21) ordinance to raise the legal tobacco product purchasing age to 21
on June 27, 2018.

The FDA and legislators were “asleep at the switch on this one,” said Dana Mitchell, Prevention
Coordiator at Dover Youth to Youth, a youth advocacy group with a focus on alcohol and drug abuse. As the coordinator of Youth to Youth, Mitchell worked alongside members of the program to push T21 forward and get it passed in Dover.

Dover is one of the many communities nationwide that has been impacted by the rapid growth
of a vaping outbreak that has been growing for a decade. Since Dover’s T21 ordinance was
passed, there have been 2,290 cases of vaping product use lung injury and 47 deaths in the
United States, acc...

When I was a kid I never thought I’d like coffee. The concept was based on something so foreign; yet there it was, day after day, brewed in the kitchen every morning without fail. Even on the weekends when we would all sleep in, the coffee brewing ritual remained. I would ask to try it on occasion, just to see what all the fuss was about - and with each taste, it remained a mystery. Let’s be honest - coffee tastes gross. It’s not sweet or salty or anything, it’s just some bitter brown drink. Little did I know it would eventually play a big role in my life.

The high school winters were brutal and dark in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. The ferocity of the ice-cold winter wind shotgunned off the face of Lake Winnipesaukee and would pierce right through even the thickest and warmest winter coat that money could buy. It

seemed like days and weeks went by and the sun wouldn’t show itself even for a brief moment.

In the darkness an...

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