“There’s no way the Freshman 15 is a real thing!” You leave for school doubtful that it will actually happen to you, but then you start to experience the five stages of grief. 


When you arrive at school, you realize the actual definition of temptation: eating at the dining halls. You have never been surrounded by so many food options and you’re eager to try them all. However, you constantly gravitate towards the comfort foods you’re familiar with. The unlimited amount of pizza you’ve always dreamed of piling high on your plate is now a reality. No one is around anymore to force you to consume your greens or bicker with you about eating a balanced meal. Now, your vegetable of choice is whichever form of potato they serve that day and your everyday salad trades places with your once a week bowl of ice cream. But it’s okay, bikini season’s over anyway. Plus, with all of your long walks around campus, there’s no way...

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