December 21, 2019, the night that comedy mega mogul Eddie Murphy returned to host Saturday Night Live was an incomparable blast to SNL past. It was also the night my once-unattainable dreams came true: After winning an SNL Instagram trivia contest three nights before, I was able to travel to New York City with my mother to sit in the live studio audience for the highly anticipated Eddie Murphy Christmas show.

After his 35-year hiatus from Studio 8H, Murphy’s comeback couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for the show’s purposes. That night’s cold open nailed the political events of the time: Alec Baldwin’s dumbly defiant rendition of a recently impeached President Trump came out to “crash” the sixth Democratic presidential debate, held in Los Angeles just two days before with a (formerly) full slate of candidates. Illustrious vocalist/rapper Lizzo, the show’s accompanying musical guest, brought down the house wit...

Neil Diamond’s famous song “Sweet Caroline,” which celebrated its 50th anniversary in August 2019, has transcended through the generations with its easy-breezy melody and ability to bring out immense camaraderie amongst its audience. The song has become a monumental aspect to the Fenway Park experience, with fans rising on their feet to sway and sing the song in the middle of the eighth inning before the Red Sox come to bat. Most commonly associated with the team, oftentimes baseball fans, Bostonians and curious minds alike have wondered why Diamond’s song is automatically synonymous with the thought of the Red Sox and “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.”

Where it began? To begin to know, you must start in the Fenway Park music department during the 1999 Boston Red Sox season.

The story of “Sweet Caroline” as a staple of the Boston Red Sox franchise is most often linked to former music department employee Amy Tobey. In nu...

In the field of at or around 8,000 Democratic presidential nominees still in contention (give or take roughly 7,982), I side with the generally frustrating consensus: It’s tough to narrow down a few candidates out of the 18 in the running, let alone choose one to cast our precious vote for. We really aren’t getting enough credit on being able to juggle the separate ideas – policies and jabs at the current President that each candidate has wielded in their campaigns thus far. At this point, it’s just all too clear: There’s a lot of people that have ideas and the fully ignited passion – on how to change the currently crappy state of our United States of America. 

There are so many blue-minded, donkey-loving folks to choose from right now, and they keep entering the race! Former Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick didn’t even declare candidacy for the race until Thursday, November 14, less than three months away from...

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