The sound of the clock bounced back and forth, splitting the gentle silence of the library room.
Keyboards clicked rapidly as I fidgeted in my wooden chair, attempting to focus on my paper. I
typed new words and old ones over and over, deleting and rewriting them, but nothing seemed to
sound right.

My eyes blurred into the blue lit screen and I yawned when suddenly a light sensation on the left
side of my chest th

ump gently. The sensation grabs me for a moment, but I quickly reverted back
to my work. You’re okay I reminded myself.

I began pressing keys to form my first sentence. “It goes without saying-” I wrote when the dull
pain, once again, clenched lightly in my chest. I looked up from my screen and watch the room
blur around me. The tick tock sound fades as my ears ring and buzz. My heart thumped rapidly
and I place my right hand over my chest and felt my pulse bounce. My head felt light and empty
as I continued...

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