Almost everyone in our generation knows the physically painful secondhand embarrassment that comes with watching “The Office.” For me, it was almost too much to bear when my friends first introduced me to the show. But once I got used to Michael Scott’s socially oblivious shenanigans, I began to appreciate the humor and I got very invested. I think I finished all nine seasons over the course of the summer before college and the first month of my freshman year. The show aired from 2005 to 2013, but its legacy lives on strong - nearly everyone I know likes “The Office” and I’m constantly running into references to it in my daily life.

I’ve always been passionate about feminism and social change, and I view the world through this lens. I can’t watch a show or read a book without being curious about the way it portrays gender roles, whether it upholds or challenges stereotypes and what kind of message it seeks to send. In...

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