I love social media and all the things it has to offer, but lately I’ve been finding my phone battery constantly running low, and my morale even lower. Since social media is the main way we are currently connecting with friends and family right now, I’ve found that it's taken a bigger role in my life than ever before. The only way I’m able to keep up with friends is through a Facetime call, a text, or through social media, particularly Snapchat and Instagram. I’m grateful to have these tools available to me, but I’m also finding that the negative aspects are also harder to ignore at a time like this. I normally try not to pay too much mind to the amount of likes I have, or how many people have viewed or responded to my stories, but it's hard when I am suddenly equipped with exponentially more time to look at these things. I keep finding myself falling into the loop of scrolling through Instagram and reading each name...

Chelsea Cutler is a leading artist who has helped to shape the tone of the genre through her intimate lyrics and style. Cutler has worked with artists like Kygo, Jeremy Zucker and Quinn XCII to create poppy sounds with melancholy lyrics. Like many fellow alternative and Bedroom Pop artists, Chelsea Cutler is a bit of a sad boi. There is vulnerability in the topics she talks about, focusing on her own experience with relationships, her struggles with mental health and the uncertainty of being a teen and twenty-something today.

She paints a lyrically-raw portrayal of what it’s like to deal with personal struggles like depression in a way that steps outside of the mainstream. In her song “Sometimes,” which she wrote with Jeremy Zucker, the delicate vocals, piano melody and minimal use of instruments takes the listener on a trip into the world of her inner thoughts and struggles.

“God only knows why it comes and it goes / C...

Hydroflask, the water bottle company which brands itself as “saving the world from ‘lukewarm’ and protecting the environment while they do it” has reached a new status in the past few months, particularly because of the trend and meme “VSCO girls”,  popularized by social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. Toting Hydroflasks, scrunchies, and reusable straws (save the turtles sksksksk); this wide-sweeping trend also satirically promotes the implementation of sustainability amongst young people. 

Much like its given pronoun, sustainability seems to be popular amongst VSCO girls, rather than VSCO people. As it is represented in the media, the target audience for these products and the meme seems to be women. Does recycling make you gay? No, it doesn’t. But when was the last time you saw a straight dude talking with his bros about the importance of pro-environmental behavior? 

Female engagement in...

As the excitement of March Madness brackets come to a close, the police force of Durham start up their own annual bracket: The Arrest Bracket. In the college town of Durham, night life is booming with drunk students, who become easy wins for the officers participating in the bracket. “There’s a reason why Durham has one of the highest alcohol and drug related arrest rates in the country,” said Officer Tim Lee. “Every year around this time when we start counting up each officer’s numbers, the competition starts to heat up.”

Officer Lee is referring to the number of arrests that each officer is able to make, with the winner claiming a large cash prize. Lee has been the champ for the past three consecutive years. He’s an important man and hard to get in touch with for a meeting. For the interview, we brought donuts as a show of good faith. When asked about his secret to success, he had a simple answer.

“It’s all about havi...

I was first introduced to Mike Posner when I was in middle school. I would whip out my iPod Touch on the ride to school and throw on his hit song, “Please Don’t Go,” on repeat.

He fell off my radar for quite awhile, until 2016 when every pop radio station seemed to be playing “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.” The music was so stylistically different from what I remembered; I was shocked it was the same artist. Since then, I have followed his career and listened as his actual style as an artist has emerged and challenged the very pop music industry that his career stemmed from.

It wasn’t just the music I was following, either. When I first saw him, he was a clean cut guy reminiscent of early 2000s pop-stars: blazers and sunglasses, a short and concise haircut. Nothing that strayed too far outside of the norm. The next time he caught my eye he had pulled off a complete 180. He was adorned with a shaved green head, black nail poli...

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