Coming to college is a terrifying and emotional rollercoaster for most; you probably have never left home for this long before and find yourself in a completely new environment with a bunch of new people that you’ve ultimately never seen before. But it can – and will also be – so

me of the best years of your life.

Being a senior, you never really look back on all the memories you make until it’s time to say goodbye. You’ve made countless memories and probably have a good amount of stories that are unexplainable.

UNH teaches us leadership skills as well as how to make friendships that will last forever. It gives us stories that we hope our parents never find out about as well as experiences that have shaped who we are today. Here are some of those stories.


Having only spent two years at UNH, Emily has made up for lost time. A New Hampshire resident, Emily spent her first two years at Great Bay Community College...

Rumors spread in Durham that a second location of the Big Bean was coming to town. Could it be true? If so it would be a dream come true. We have dined at the Big Bean Café in Newmarket several times and had never been let down. We’ve brought family and friends from all over to show off their incredible breakfast options that we can’t get enough of. Every college student knows or should know by now, if you want an inexpensive, delicious breakfast meal then you need to go to the Big Bean. And now the convenience of the cozy breakfast café is at our fingertips.

October 8 marked the grand opening of The Big Bean Café in Durham, New Hampshire. The hipster breakfast and lunch café is known for its cozy vibes and incredible breakfast options. From eight different eggs benedict dishes to their signature breakfast dishes, they do not disappoint. The menu offers classic breakfast dishes like their Big Bean Breakfast to more int...

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