If there’s one thing I remember vividly from this past January, it’s the morning I woke up to the release of Mac Miller’s posthumous album Circles. Dazed and confused from my slumber, yet ecstatic and smiling from ear to ear like a kid on Christmas Day, I grabbed my headphones and absorbed what I had been anticipating for what felt like a lifetime.

As intimate lyrics and melancholy instrumentals swirled in my head, I began to feel let down. Before you turn the page and call me a hater, you should know that I was not let down by the production quality, or more importantly, the substance of Mac’s work. Rather, I wasn’t ready to hear the message Mac delivers on Circles. I was hoping for the punctuation at the end of Mac’s sentence to be a jubilant exclamation point, reminiscent of the happy-go-lucky rapper from older tracks like “Senior Skip Day.” I was hoping for the selfless undertones that encompassed GOOD A.M., the al...


The clock struck 10:00 p.m. at The Stone Church, and patrons of the Newmarket music club sprung to the dance floor. The sounds of a blazing fast saxophone, bluesy guitar and a funky bassline filled the room, produced by none other than the seacoast funk band, Clandestine. 

“We want to take people on a journey with us and provide them with the best night possible,” says the drummer of the band Chris Salemme. Salemme said the band is a product of the collective members having fun and expressing themselves. “We like to throw a good party,” Salemme added. 

Clandestine throws a party where multiple genres of music are played. It’s not just one DJ that only plays 2000’s throwbacks. Inspirations from Jazz, Funk and the blues are all found within Clandestines sound. “We all have a background in most genres, especially Jazz, but we pooled our strengths together to make something genuine and unique,” Salemme said. 

During their...

Wednesday nights in Durham are generally the most quiet. Students at the University of New Hampshire are engulfed in their workload and the party has yet to start. However, a small cafe on the edge of campus is making up for the lack of noise with an unconventional open mic event. 

The Freedom Cafe is filled to the brim every Wednesday night with students from all walks of life. Some attendees are performers, some are just avid fans of live music, and some are fighting for justice. The Freedom Cafe is a non profit entity that aims to end human trafficking, as well as all commercial exploitation of all people. All proceeds are donated to anti-trafficking task forces, as well as families that were harmed by the corrupt industry. 

Since its founding in 2013, the Freedom Cafe’s sole mission has been to provide an ethically sourced method of consuming coffee, tea and other goods for a reasonable price. They also offer a crea...

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