NEWMARKET - The café sat untouched for months. Wood planks covered the doors with a small note that promised they were “coming soon,” but we were all beginning to doubt it. Yet in early June, the Horse Shoe Café finally opened its doors, marking itself the official second coffee shop of Newmarket, a feat no one dared to attempt for the last 15 years as Crackskull’s Coffee & Books monopolized the industry from their perch on Main Street. Somehow, the Horse Show exceeded everyone’s expectations. The room is small, and minimalistic. A short stack of records rests by the door and reggae or ska music is playing lightly in the background. It is a fabulous spot to work on homework.

The shops sells specialty coffee and home baked goods. Each coffee is described less by adjectives and more by a series of foods that are not in fact coffee. ‘Chocolate, orange, caramel twist, almonds, saffron,’ none of these are actually in the co...

I had a professor who claimed, in a very aggressive manner, that the artistry of our generation was dead, and that we were ruining the way the world was. He was 89, he could barely hear, and he was overly confident in his lackluster ability to read lips. He cited Nicki Minaj and Tiesto – he claimed music carried no significance or emotion as of late.

He blamed our cell phones and our fast paced lifestyle. He suggested we lacked curiosity and drive. The course,

“Philosophy in the Arts,” explained “Whitter’s Law,” a self-proclaimed theory constructed by the professor. In short, he believes in order to be appreciated and understood, music must be listened to many times as to allow yourself familiarity and room to grow around the sound. He explains how music can create an ‘oceanic feeling,’ or a moment of pure bliss defined by an overwhelming feeling of togetherness: a wave of euphoria.

Yet my professor asserted that we wer...

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