Realization flooded over me as my body slammed into a wall of my own idiocy. The polls were 100 feet away, and my license was laid in my top desk drawer, back in my dorm. My teeth clenched and my face felt warm as I rolled my eyes and turned around. I knew damn well the two older ladies that were speed walking past me eyed me; they even recognized my pure stupidity. Who forgets their license on their way to vote? I began the trek back to my dorm with slumped shoulders and furrowed brows. The gentle, cold breeze of the day accelerated to whip me in the face and taunt me with arctic ferocity. Why should I even make this walk again? Why even waste more time to turn back around and fill a pointless bubble in? It’s only the primaries anyways. I slammed my feet into the asphalt and the bland neighborhood around me faded from my attention as I became lost in my own mind.

Why vote when politics don’t even affect me? I crossed...

As soon as Trump announced his campaign in June 2015, politics turned into a joke. Hypocrisy in both the media and in the political candidates themselves have reached a shocking high. Just days before the 2016 Presidential election, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal had gone under investigation, sparking huge controversy. With hope, the Democrats believed Trump would never accept the results when she wins. Ultimately, when Trump won, Liberals and the media were shocked, democracy was so clearly at stake, and then Russia attacks! 

In 2015, only seven percent of reporters identified as Republican, and the Liberals and the media love to portray Trump and his supporters as wildly and unapologetically violent against any and all who don’t fit in the context of white supremacy. But don’t dare say anything about the Obamas! Anyone who has something to say is instantly racist regardless of context, in an increasingly polarized d...

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