Li and Whittier share laughs at Harmony Homes in Durham

Duane Whittier, 89, has spent more than half of his life teaching at the University of New Hampshire. Even as a child, Whittier had a love for education and was always an academic. One of the strongest memories from his childhood, one that shaped him the most, was when his father got him a Dartmouth College library card for two dollars. After school got out, he would get on his bike and pedal the seven miles from his hometown in Lebanon, New Hampshire to Hanover. The most exciting part? He could take as many books as he wanted. Whittier even attached a second basket to his bike so he could take out eight or nine at a time.

So, it wasn’t a surprise to find him hidden among the Harmony Homes assisted living facility’s bookshelves when we went to visit him, nose-deep in the daily newspaper. Whittier retired from UNH last year after teaching philosophy here for 49 year...

I have a friend, Jake. Every morning, he wakes up to his internal clock, reminding him of the ritual events that must occur. Maybe a shower on a leisure day, or maybe just a hat will suffice. Every morning, the smell of cheap coffee fills his small room, as a single steaming cup of coffee is brewed. The early morning classes, which he proudly tells me he’s never missed, is the reason for his ungodly rise and prep. He’s always been a sharp dresser, donning pants that all his friends tell him are “too tight” for his tall frame. 

“Never forgot to check the weather app,” he reminds me, casually fingering the layers he has carefully orchestrated. When he’s decently situated, he walks through the halls of his complex, passing by the nameplates of his neighbors. He owns two bikes, yet he prefers the pace of his walks for the clearness it gives. 

“I listen to Gershwin sometimes when I walk,” he tells me. 

He reminds me how uncul...


Hetzel Hall, built in 1925, is 93 years old and adorned with a creepy Ralph Hetzel mural. However, the mural is not the cause of Hetzel’s haunted air. There is a weird energy all across the building. When you’re alone sometimes it feels like someone is watching you. I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is a sinister energy, but you can feel that something is there. I personally had some strange experiences during the beginning of the year. I noticed things falling and being moved around. However, I didn’t really believe the dorm could be haunted until my roommate started questioning me in her sleep. My roommate is known to sleep talk on occasion, but usually she just says random shit. This was the only time I had ever heard her form coherent sentences in her sleep. I was coming into the room late at night, and my roommate was already sleeping. I tripped over something, because my room is always a mess.

“Who is...

Lipstick has become an

essential element of my female identity. Not because I feel ugly, or less feminine without it, but I love that it serves as paint to the canvas that is my lips. When I moved away to college I started experimenting with different shades of lipstick, mainly darker pigments like violet, indigo, and deep berry. I utilized lipstick as a vehicle to express myself, expanding the boundaries of my female identity and broaden the way I wanted the world to view me.

With a newfound love for lipstick that grew as I inched away from teenhood and into adulthood, came other notable revelations. I stopped tolerating as much bullshit. I started speaking up when men would say sexist comments. I didn’t let the constructed views of femininity stop me from dressing edgy, experimentally, or even a little masculine. I refused to remain silent and passive in the ways girls have been groomed to do their whole lives. The c...

The radio in my childhood home was always on. Almost like a centerpiece of my upbringing, the absence of music in my house was unusual. My family was accustomed to comforting background noise that consisted of rockin’ tunes and talk radio banter. I can recall the voices of DJ personalities and the connections I made with them. To this day, I still connect with songs I heard regularly in my living room radio as a child. I attribute my vast knowledge of music to radio’s presence in my life, and I attribute radio’s presence in my life to my dad.

My dad has been a radio professional for more than 30 years, first starting out at his local community college radio station in New Jersey, Brookdale Public Radio WBJB. Although his dream was to be a career DJ, his path brought him to New York City traffic reporting, which he has mastered and has become a well-known name among NYC commuters over the past 25 years.

When I started sc...

From a young age, I’ve been astonished with filmmaking and photography. From a handheld video camera, a Walmart disposable camera, and more recently, our own smartphones, there are several ways to capture significant moments. The past few years, family gatherings no longer include disposable cameras, but rather, each person’s respected cellphone. This begs the question: are these mobile devices with high-tech camera abilities ruining the true essence of photography by making the activity democratized?

Years ago, family gatherings were captured by one camera and one person. That one person methodically made sure that the photos were successfully developed, but did so in a much different way than one does now. With the cameras on iPhone and other cell-phones, you cannot only capture a good picture, but you can take as many as you’d like and instantly have access to them. 

Filmmaker and YouTube phenom, Casey Neistat has to...

All it takes is four basic ingredients. Barley, hops, water and yeast. This blend of simple fixings work together to create a beverage responsible for fiber, vitamin B, and nothing but a good time. If you scratch below the surface of beer, you just might enter the world of craft brewing. 

Yes, we’ve heard them all before. Beer snobs, hipsters; the trend has gained national attention since the craft beer industry has risen. Consumers are quick to judge, tending to stay away from craft beer because they are difficult to binge on a college students budget, or with the higher alcohol percentage, binge in general. And yes, it sure is a buzz-kill when the man across the bar exclaims his beer is “super sessionable” or “has an interesting bouquet.” Take a step back though, what really defines craft beer? 

To make a long story short, a traditional beer brewed by a small brewery. For the long definition, well, grab a beer and con...

Yep, you know the drill: guy meets girl in an overcrowded, loud and hot party with blaring music and booze everywhere. College! You start dancing with one hot chick, and next thing you know, you’re talking to her - easy! You exchange names and majors in between sips of beer in someone’s basement. Your hands move from your hips to hers. She doesn’t move them. You’re in the clear!

Or are you?

You ask her if she’d like to continue the fun back at your place, and she says “sure!” You hold her hand, like the gentleman you are, and lead her through the crowd, making sure that everyone sees this beautiful girl holding your hand. You flaunt it!

Next thing you know, you’re back at your apartment with this beautiful drunk girl. Now what? Are we supposed to have sex?

Not so fast!

First, get her a drink of water or some soda if you have any, then make sure that she knows where she is and who you are. Then you can start making moves. H...

Michael Simes of Newmarket, an active and otherwise healthy University of New Hampshire student, spent a week straight during J-term break cemented to his bed. What started out as a mild cold rapidly manifested itself into a monster that rears its ugly head across campuses nationwide every year.

“I ended up losing 10 pounds because I couldn’t eat anything. I slept the whole time,” said Simes regarding his experience with the nasty H3N2 strain that is going around this year. Simes was admitted to the hospital twice over break because he was struck with fevers of 104°F and 105°F that would not regulate. First, at Exeter Hospital, then, at Portsmouth Regional he received fluids and fever reduction medication. “It was very hard to stand up and walk for a day or two cause I was so dehydrated,” he said, “It became very severe.”

As the influenza virus reproduces and spreads this year, students and faculty at UNH should take ex...


Sometimes I miss

The wine colored stains you left on my skin

As my neck cringes in protest

The blood vessels on my collar bones


Leaving violet and violent galaxies across my chest

As I watch the purple fade to yellow

Only to fade back into my bones

Fingers tracing where my bruises once were

As if they were the last I had of you

But then again

What kind of a grown man

Still gives hickies

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