Madison Forsberg is a current junior at the University of New Hampshire, and a Digital Editor for Main Street Magazine. She is studying journalism and aspires to one day become a photojournalist. 

In photography, Forsberg is drawn to leading lines and utilizing natural light to display emotion. She enjoys practicing Documentary style photography when reporting, but also loves to experiment with Conceptual/Fine Art photography, as well as subject-driven Feature photography. 

   With all of the It hype lately due to the recent release of the 2017 version of this Stephen King classic, I decided to finally see the 1990 version, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, after years of pushing it off. And I have to say, It was not what I was expecting.

   The 1990 It movie has a bold open. Immediately the viewer is faced with the death of two separate children in the town of Derry, ME, and the introduction of Pennywise, a creepy clown played by none other than actor Tim Curry. As the movie progresses it follows a group of seven friends across two separate time-lines, their pre-teen past where they first meet Pennywise and their return to Derry in the present; they attempt to save their own lives from Pennywise and his many mind games.

   The 1990’s It was scary at first, and then just got kind of (really) bad by half-way through. Once the movie finally gets into the thick of its plot, it can...

October 11, 2017

Although the unseasonably warm weather has some students confused as to whether or not it is actually fall, L.L. Bean swooped on to the UNH campus to assure students that autumn, and winter, is definitely coming. 

L.L. Bean’s famous “Boot-Mobile” parked on the fish-bowl in front of Scott Hall yesterday and today in order to promote the company’s new fall and winter line as well as give students an opportunity to purchase merchandise at a discounted rate.

“This campus gets a lot of snow, a lot of cold weather, and people are walking pretty far distances sometimes,” says Jenna Hannafin, one of UNH’s student ambassadors for L.L. Bean “So you want them to be able to have gear that will hold up to that kind of wear.”

Students from all over campus flocked to the fish bowl in order to get theirs hands on the merchandise, which was all discounted at 20% off. Mannaqins dressed in the latest fall fashions wear placed next to folda...

The People Like You play "freaky folk," with a dusty rasp. They are based in Portsmouth, NH and commute through their tour out of their traveling school bus, accompanied by their scruffy pup, Bronco. The group has traveled the country with a unique sound and stranger philosophy. Mikey & Stef followed them around with some cameras: here's what we got

Check out their website, or their Facebook or their Sound Cloud. Chances are, you're a people like you too. 

October 10, 2017

No, no, I’m glad you called,

I actually wanted to reach out to you.

I don’t remember that, but I saw him the

Other day, I motioned but he didn’t see, what a dick, right.

No, keep going, I - No I interrupt - I’m loud, it’s a problem.

It’s just that I smelled a waft of some old fragrance a couple days ago.

Yeah, like the smells that trigger some nostalgic hallucination,

Except I wasn’t tripping, I was just smelling.

Honestly it kind of had that moldy, sarcophagus odor.

Yeah I really don’t think bigfoot's dick would smell like this.

Okay, then yeah depending on bigfoot's game I guess.

Yeah if he’s got big feet - but anyway I remembered an image with it.

It’s from a movie, but obviously an old one - in color.

Some suit playing guitar in a chair - a man - and when I thought of it,

I felt awful. Like the feeling when a teacher yells at you as a kid.

No, worse. Nah we Jews always knew Santa wasn’t real.

Okay, like as if I had forgot somethi...

October 10, 2017

Divest UNH is the student organization committed to ending the university's investments in the fossil fuel industry. The organization vocalizes student support for the cause to reinvest the endowment into clean energy alternations. 

Learn more about the group and there goals in this public service announcement: 

Divest UNH can be found on Facebook & Twitter.  

October 5, 2017

Beccy Anderson graduated the University of New Hampshire in the spring of 2017. She majored in journalism with a minor in art. She currently works at Heinemann Publishing as a production assistant. She began using acrylic on canvas the summer prior to graduation. 

 "I needed a summer hobby and quite frankly, I wanted to be more interesting," said Anderson, who recently began promoting her work on Etsy.

Her art was featured at Jonny Boston's restaurant, in Newmarket, NH for the month of September.

It is now featured on the same street, in Beccy Anderson's apartment. She continues to pursue galleries to host her art. You can find her on Facebook.

Lansing Ward is a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire. Although currently undeclared, he plans on pursuing a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Photography. Originally from Saratoga Springs, NY, Ward shoots with a Nikon D3400.

October 4, 2017

1. If it’s yellow, let it mellow

Pee is sterile, so ignore the pleas of your roommates and never flush the toilet. This will save water as well as the very valuable 4 seconds you would have spent cleaning up after yourself. Make sure to announce the snappy rhyme whenever encouraged by the people around you to stop being so disgusting.

2. Jars

Buy one Mason jar. Leave it in the back of your hot, stinky car for the entire semester. Use it for all beverage needs — water, coffee, it’s all good. Your one sticky jar can save you a fortune on plastic water bottles and many coffee shops will even give you a discount for bringing your own container so they won’t have to waste a paper cup. Make sure to only rinse it out at the Hydration Stations around campus to guarantee all of your water will have the lingering taste of black coffee; this is the taste of sustainability.

3. Ziplock Bags

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Save the Ziplock...

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