October 3, 2017

Watch Portsmouth's very own funk band Harsh Armadillo kick it in their mini-series The Harsh Armadillo Project.  Dive right in, travel across New England and funk out to this 8 member funk group that is unlike any other.  Stay frosty. More episodes to come.

When looking deep into the life of someone other than yourself, you often get lost in a treasury of stories other than just the one you’re looking for. Paul La Farge captures this ‘falling down the Rabbit Hole’ of stories effect perfectly in his latest novel The Night Ocean.


The novel, which was first published in March, follows multiple characters through life crisis, secrets and extraordinary scandal. At first, the reader is introduced to Marina Willet, a successful psychiatrist, who recently lost her husband Charlie, a curious writer, to suicide. Though after years of profiling not only her patient’s minds, but also her husbands, she is not fully convinced that Charlie would take his own life. Prior to Charlie’s supposed death, the reader follows him on his obsessive journey deep into the life of famous horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Tormented with finding...

October 3, 2017

When it comes to deciding where to live next year, there are a lot of options available, some better, and some worse than others. Whereas freshmen are limited to the dorm life, by sophomore year UNH students can live anywhere they please. There are plenty of different living options on and off campus, and even outside of Durham if students drive, or are willing to live based on the local bus schedule. The sheer number of available living options can be intimidating at times, and difficult if you don’t know where to look. So, here’s a look at many of the UNH housing options for students. 

   The dorms are almost always an option for students, especially sophomores and juniors. There’s the Cercs, Stoke, The Mills, The Mini Dorms, Adams Towers, Upper and Lower Quad, and others scattered about campus. All dorms are walking distance to any and everywhere on campus, because the whole point is that they’re on campus....

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