the best of the drunk food

DURHAM - You stumble home from the bars, Madbury, or some variety of a house party, only to realize that you’re starving. Perhaps it was the reason you left in the first place. Depending on where you spent your freshman year, or where your path home takes you, your choice of drunk food can vary greatly.

Those in the Stoke area may find solace with the steaming crispy spice of Wild Kitty’s waffle fries. It is not an uncommon sight to go in around midnight to stumble across an extended queue of girls in Durham tees, white Keds, and not-quite-visible shorts.

Or perhaps Campus Convenience is more your scene. Freddy Wraps, or “Fetty Waps” to those in the know, are a surefire way to satiate your primal need for a hot, gooey, fried, yet self-contained 2 a.m. snack. Comprised of fried chicken tenders, and a combination of sriracha, hot and sour, or ranch sauces that I would not recommend eating sober. As a last resort to an intoxicated adventurer, however, it can seem like a gift from God (or maybe just Sammy, the proprietor of the establishment).

One living in the seemingly distant freshman city of Christianson and Williamson dorms may find Pita Pit to be more their style.

An honorable mention goes out to Dominoes. While they may not be the first choice of many, they frequently come in clutch with delivery for those times that the only thing that can motivate you to get off of the drool and beer soaked floor is the promise of a mostly hot, carb-ilicious meal.

There is need to mention a fallen hero, Kurt’s Lunchbox. The story of Kurt’s demise, told frequently with variations, doesn’t take away from the fact that a food truck serving french fries to drunk college students could be the perfect business model. A personal favorite was the poutine, drenched in thick gravy with a smattering of cheese curds, melting under the intense heat of one’s doting love and appreciation.

The University of New Hampshire, while ranked #253 nationally for party schools, is ranked #35 for college food, and #1 for food in the state. This sophisticated palette and accustomization to quality food is consistent and pervasive even in the intoxicated student. Lucky for us, there are many options, with perhaps even more on the horizon. As we lose staples like Kurt’s, perhaps there will be more, ever improving, options for drunk students in the future.


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