haunted hetzel hall


Hetzel Hall, built in 1925, is 93 years old and adorned with a creepy Ralph Hetzel mural. However, the mural is not the cause of Hetzel’s haunted air. There is a weird energy all across the building. When you’re alone sometimes it feels like someone is watching you. I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is a sinister energy, but you can feel that something is there. I personally had some strange experiences during the beginning of the year. I noticed things falling and being moved around. However, I didn’t really believe the dorm could be haunted until my roommate started questioning me in her sleep. My roommate is known to sleep talk on occasion, but usually she just says random shit. This was the only time I had ever heard her form coherent sentences in her sleep. I was coming into the room late at night, and my roommate was already sleeping. I tripped over something, because my room is always a mess.

“Who is there?” she said. I said it was me, but then I realized she was still sleeping. “Who are you?” she asked. I didn’t respond, and was getting a bit spooked. “Who is there?” she asked again. At this point I was pretty weirded out so I left and went to the bathroom.

This was strange not only because she was speaking in full sentences, but because she was speaking more formally than she usually would. She would never say “who is” instead of “who’s”.

I also had another ominous experience during first semester. I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep. I heard the door knob turn, followed by the sounds of my roommate walking in and getting into bed. I rolled over to say something to her, but when I opened my eyes she wasn’t there. I was surprised, because I heard the springs in her bed squeak. I told myself it was the people living above me and tried to go back to bed. A minute later I heard my roommate come in and get in bed again, but when I looked over, I was still alone. At this point I was freaked out. I rolled over, faced the wall, and pulled up my comforter. The procession of sounds continued for the next ten minutes. I’d heard the doorknob turn, the door opening, something padding across the floor, and flopping into my roommate’s bed. I was anxious, but I figured that my best bet was to just stay in bed and try to sleep.


I first moved into Hetzel at the beginning of the semester, not knowing really much about living there but knowing that it could be an eerie place from time to time. It was a hot day in late August when I moved in and I was just getting used to this side of campus. I was used to living in the back of campus by College Woods and not by the busy street in Durham. Hetzel seemed to be a good building- nothing at first brought anything to my concern. The building was full of people and nothing seemed off, yet.

I found myself getting comfortable in my room and having my roommate by my side helped a lot. But one night in particular I found things to be particularly weird. I was exhausted from the day, so I went through my nightly routine and got myself ready for bed. My floor was quiet; people seemed to be calm and not bothered with any drama. Right before I got into bed, I felt a weird presence with me, like someone was watching me. But no one was there.

I shook it off like it was nothing. Then I headed to bed sprayed my pillow with lavender and rested my head. I found myself restless at first, struggling to fall asleep. But then I finally began to feel sleepy. As I fell asleep I found myself dreaming intently.

In my dream I found myself alone in the ground floor lounge. I thought it was weird, but was curious to see what would happen next. After a few seconds the piano started playing on its own. “Um, what the heck is happening,” I said. Suddenly, I fell on the floor and everything came whirling around like a cyclone of thoughts and ideas. Someone kept saying my name, “Chloe...Chloe...Chloe….” in a creepy whispering tone. I tried to get up but couldn’t move. There was something very haunting going on.

I woke up to the feeling of someone poking my shoulder. I woke up in shock thinking it might of been my roommate trying to wake me up but as I slowly looked to my side to see who it was no one was there.I woke up scared, but slowly I calmed myself down a bit and tried to go back to sleep.


Cal is a freshman living in Hetzel Hall. He had an odd first night at UNH. He was sleeping on the top of a bunk bed and hadn’t put his guardrail up yet. “A force pushed me out of bed and I fell on the ground,” he said. Bleeding, he ended up with a scar on his chin.

A couple weeks later, he went on a UNH ghost hunt with Chris Moon, a paranormal investigator from the Greater Denver Area. They visited Hetzel during the hunt and Cal asked Moon if the Hetzel Hall ghost was there. Moon said yes and asked him if the ghost was a little girl. A girl living in Hetzel last semester claimed to have seen a little girl standing in her closet at night. Cal had heard additional stories about the ghost being a little girl and told Moon he must be right. Moon then let Cal ask the ghost a question using a device that uses radio frequencies to communicate with spirits called a spirit box. Over a radio frequency, there was a pitchy but audible “yes.”

One night Cal was on the phone in the hallway of the basement, which tends to have creepy vibes, when he heard someone coming down the hallway. Cal told the person that he was on the phone with to wait a second, but when he looked to see who it was, no one was there.

Cal had one more experience on a night where the power went out in Hetzel. His girlfriend was over for the night and she had to use the bathroom. She was too afraid to go alone, so Cal waited outside the girl’s room. As Cal’s girlfriend was in the bathroom, she heard some breathing coming from the stall next to her. She couldn’t see anyone and when asked if anyone was there, the breathing continued. She then went to Cal and told him what she heard. She thought that someone could be hurt, so Cal went in there to help her. As he pulled the door back to see who was in there, the stall was empty. After that, they felt a creepy vibe and left.

We don’t know for sure if Hetzel is haunted, but from the majority of the stories we collected, it seems there is definitely a lost soul wandering the halls. A little girl’s spirit that might just want to play a few tricks on the residents in the eerie place that is Hetzel hall.


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