Review: Lore

For lovers of the dark and mysterious, spooky and unsettling is the bi-weekly podcast Lore, hosted and produced by author Aaron Mahkne. The non-fiction scary stories that make up Lore’s content are built up with excellent suspense and masterful storytelling, hitting listeners with the darker side of human history and human nature that have shaped modern day myths and paranormal beliefs today.

Covering everything from the belief in werewolves to vampires to spirits stuck within the walls of a home, this podcast gets deep into the world of human fears and unexpected mystery, spanning beyond broad paranormal instances. The podcast gets local, finding the most unnerving of centralized myths and legends from the Jersey Devil, changelings, abandoned insane asylums and mediums who claim they have the gift to communicate with those who have already passed. Drawing the listener in with thoroughly researched background information, Mahnke finds unique instances that will satisfy any of his listeners cravings for the creepier aspects of human existence. Part of his historical context is providing eye-witness accounts, cultural context and multiple primary sources through historical documentation that bring the events of the past to life for the modern day listener.

Following the great, almost overnight, success of Lore in the podcast world, Mahnke has since expanded the Lore legacy to include books and even a TV show that already has two seasons available on Amazon Prime. He has even expanded his work to include two new podcasts centered around the mystical and the occult: Cabinet of Curiosities, a podcast dedicated to the short stories about the strange, unsettling and bizarre events of history and Unobscured, a podcast dedicating full seasons to dark tales in history we all think we know, but have been diluted over time.

Mahnke has a knack for bringing his readers back in time to events that still haunt history books today, and will surely make you think twice about that clicking in your walls or that one corner in your basement that always seems to have a cool breeze. With Lore, your fascination might get the best of you when it comes to a good night’s sleep.


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