The Land of Broken Controllers

Warning: EA Sports video game series FIFA may result in broken controllers or bouts of rage, or both.

Imagine you’re playing with your friend, you’re up 1-0, there’s only two minutes left in the game and you’ve been dominating possession of the ball. This game should be in the bag, you’re just waiting for that final whistle. You make a pass to one of the wingers, seeing him wide open; it’s a safe play. Sorry to say but the game has other plans, it instead passes to the winger about 15 feet away who’s smothered by a defender. The pass gets picked off, opponents racing down the pitch on a breakaway, taking a shot from outside the box. One may think that the goalie has the meatball of a shot under control, but instead it deflects off his gloves and into the back of the net, leveling the game just before it could end.

All that hard work of dominating your opponent just got erased in the last minute or so of the game and all because of one misfired pass.

Welcome to FIFA for those who haven’t played before. And for those who have, I apologize for having brought up some bad memories.

FIFA is hard to beat when it comes to rage-inducing video games. Whether it be losing a close game, letting up a bad goal or getting a tough foul call. When people are playing FIFA, it’s safe to assume there will be some expression of frustration, whether that be screaming at the TV screen (which has been shown to be really effective in changing the course of the game, or simply smashing your roommate’s laptop screen after gronk-spiking the Playstation controller into the seat which was home to the resting laptop, only because you lost in the final minutes of a game.

FIFA brings out a certain sense of competitiveness in people, normally only brought out in real-life scenarios. Nothing is worse for a competitive person than losing a close game, only adding to FIFA’s infamous reputation of the game that equates to the most broken controllers. Although this can be said for just about any sports video game or video game in general, FIFA seems to be the top offender.

There are many things that happen in-game that get players angry, probably the most common one being misfired passes. The odds of one guy being able to rush all the way up field to score are pretty abysmal, making passing an important aspect of the game. Naturally when your passes keep missing your intended target and the other team gets possession, you’re bound to get flustered.

We will now take a moment of silence for all the controllers that have broken while playing FIFA and another moment for the wallet’s of the perpetrators. One bad pass can lead to a trip back to Best Buy, where the employee has a new controller waiting for you everytime you walk through those doors.

Despite all this rage, frustration and broken controllers, EA Sports has this ability to bring us back every year, to keep playing this very fun, yet endlessly frustrating, video game.

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