Don’t be afraid. Because tomorrow’s not promised. Do you. That’s all we can do. Listen; learn how to cope with reality. You only get one, so live life. Be safe. Watch who you call your homie. They come and go. Don’t gotta be gangsta all the time. Believe me; it can be so nice. Make use of the time. Make it live forever. A woman’s life is love. A man’s love is life. Keep on minding my business.

- Knxwledge

We have to believe in the miraculous. The unattainable. The surreal serendipity dripping from visions of tomorrow like gold-spun strands of honeycomb honey. If we don’t, if we let this beautiful butterfly tomorrow dance away with its rainbow stained-glass wings flapping like dual kites in the soft breeze above our dirt-buried heads, then we’ve let happiness escape. This isn’t to say the sparkling, stunning landscape of the now, which is full of enchantment in every whiff, isn’t paramount; it’s actually to reinforce this very idea by imagining an even more dalliant tomorrow. One that exists much like the now, only it levitates without a single wrinkle strangling the open air, framed by a soothsaying landscape of variegated watercolors and wisdoms upon a vast reverie that wafts with the grace of a hot air balloon over the tumult and tyranny of a summer thunderstorm. These visions, in all their shared schematics and bellowed laughter and great hope, are what constitute the very joy that’s so anticipated.

This wonderful tomorrow will come; it always does, although very seldom in the exact preordained image you imagined it being on that rainy Tuesday alone in your room, or on that out-of-breath laughing spree Wednesday evening when you mapped out every corner and crevice of the tomorrow with your closest friends as you made dinner and terrible, hilarious jokes. As we all wait for tomorrow, don’t forget about the reverie of now glittering in your mind—don’t forget that it’s just as precious.

This whole thing is all very simple when we make it so—there's no need to piddle in the drivel. Every ounce and second and grain of life is out there waiting to be grabbed and squeezed and embraced and taken. Simplicity, love, solace, whimsy, respect. These are the cornerstones of every future endeavor.

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