Poetry: Edelweiss

No, no, I’m glad you called,

I actually wanted to reach out to you.

I don’t remember that, but I saw him the

Other day, I motioned but he didn’t see, what a dick, right.

No, keep going, I - No I interrupt - I’m loud, it’s a problem.

It’s just that I smelled a waft of some old fragrance a couple days ago.

Yeah, like the smells that trigger some nostalgic hallucination,

Except I wasn’t tripping, I was just smelling.

Honestly it kind of had that moldy, sarcophagus odor.

Yeah I really don’t think bigfoot's dick would smell like this.

Okay, then yeah depending on bigfoot's game I guess.

Yeah if he’s got big feet - but anyway I remembered an image with it.

It’s from a movie, but obviously an old one - in color.

Some suit playing guitar in a chair - a man - and when I thought of it,

I felt awful. Like the feeling when a teacher yells at you as a kid.

No, worse. Nah we Jews always knew Santa wasn’t real.

Okay, like as if I had forgot something - which I did - but like crucial.

I might never know, but that was it, just a mini glitch in my day.

Yeah bigfoot most definitely slays.