L.L. Bean Brings Fall to UNH

Although the unseasonably warm weather has some students confused as to whether or not it is actually fall, L.L. Bean swooped on to the UNH campus to assure students that autumn, and winter, is definitely coming.

L.L. Bean’s famous “Boot-Mobile” parked on the fish-bowl in front of Scott Hall yesterday and today in order to promote the company’s new fall and winter line as well as give students an opportunity to purchase merchandise at a discounted rate.

“This campus gets a lot of snow, a lot of cold weather, and people are walking pretty far distances sometimes,” says Jenna Hannafin, one of UNH’s student ambassadors for L.L. Bean “So you want them to be able to have gear that will hold up to that kind of wear.”

Students from all over campus flocked to the fish bowl in order to get theirs hands on the merchandise, which was all discounted at 20% off. Mannaqins dressed in the latest fall fashions wear placed next to foldable camping chairs facing thermal mugs, putting one in the autumn cozy-mood during a 75 degree day.

The giant Boot Mobile was stationed directly next to Congreve Hall, and could not be mistaken for anything other than a massive Bean Boot. Students could gawk at the boot, and then travel to the shoe section, where there were normal, human-sized boots for sale. If one had purchased a pair of Bean Boots, there was also a lacing station that provided the customer with about 20 different colors of laces to choose from.

“I actually got a message in my group chat and they were like ‘Hey, L.L Bean’s down at the fish bowl, 20 percent off! Get your warm wool socks,’ says Ronnie Houstan. “So I was like, I gotta go!”

Students were able to play a variety of games, including the traditional corn-hole, the spinning of a wheel to earn prizes, and the “boot toss.” Students grabbed a “Bean Boot” and tossed it through a wooden hole. If they threw it in the hole, they would get a prize, such as lip balm or a coupon.

“We’re looking for the student body to really get involved in some of the things that L.L. Bean has going on here, for people to come together,” says Hannfin. “Like, they’re just playing corn hole. That’s a fun thing that people will associate with the brand.”

A large trailer packed with sweaters, hats, jackets, and socks was also placed on the lawn. Students could enter the trailer, which was propped open on both ends, and browse the cozy scenery within. Prior to this event, the student ambassadors for L.L. Bean also handed out slips of paper that awarded a free bandanna to anyone who brought the slip of paper to the event.

“I think it's definitely encouraging students to get products from them because it's fall,” says Georgio Papakonstantino. “The changing seasons and getting ready for the winter seasons as well. It's good for advertisement and awareness. It's definitely a good way to spread the word about L.L. Bean.”

From 9-5 on Tuesday and Wednesday, L.L. Bean brought the feeling of Fall back to a campus that is sweater weather in the morning, and shorts and flip-flops weather by noon.

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