Scorps or Libs tn tho?

DURHAM, N.H. – At first, it doesn’t even matter. You waited your entire life for this moment and now all you want to do is get inside, drink an absurd amount of alcohol and dance until you are drenched in sweat. But after a few weeks, growing closer to one of the two is inevitable and before you know it you are fighting with your friends about where you should go on Thursday and Saturday nights. The phenomena described here is exactly what happens to nearly every newly 21-year-old student at the University of New Hampshire. Scorpions and Libby’s Bar and Grill are the two hottest spots on campus where you can find hundreds of students partying every weekend. But the ultimate question is, which is better? Both establishments have very similar styles of catering to their customers. Each has a bar up and downstairs, as well as almost identical drink prices and deals on Thursdays and Saturdays. Both purveyors offer a basement with a dance floor and of course, a DJ blasting the latest songs for everyone to dance to. But with such similarities, people still seem to believe that you should go to one bar and never the other. Frequent bar goers gave extremely different answers when asked which bar they prefer. Interestingly enough, there seemed to be a correlation with the reasons behind why the students interviewed chose which bar they like best. Fans of Scorpion’s gave answers that related to the amount of fun or the type of night they might have, while Libby’s fans only seemed to talk about the actual establishment when giving their reasoning. When asked about her opinion, Marissa McCoo, 22, said “Libby’s is better because there is not as long of a line, they have better food, it’s bigger, cleaner and nicer in general.” “Libby’s is just better, it’s nicer and definitely cleaner,” said another Libby’s fan, Cole Osten. Out of the six people who favored Libby’s, only one gave a very unique answer as to why she believes it is better. “Libby’s is better because it has better drinks and a better atmosphere,” said newly 21-year-old Kate DeAngelis, “and of course they have bubbles on the dance floor.” On the other hand, fans of Scorpion’s only seemed to give answers that related to how their night would go and left out any specific aspect of the actual bar itself. When asked about her opinion, 21-year-old Kelly Sheehan replied without hesitation. “Scorps is just a magical place because I never know how my night is going to end. Like, am I going to kill it on the dance floor, fall down the stairs, or eat my weight in pizza afterwards?” Kelly’s friend, Jessica Lawrence, then jumped in to add “I like Scorps better because I can get freaky on the dance floor and have the time of my life off of three vodka sodas.” Throughout months of observations, it has been concluded that there are a few aspects that hold true every weekend for each bar. To get into Scorpion’s without waiting in a line that could take you over an hour to get through, you need to get there around 7 p.m. However, you can walk right into Libby’s at almost any time throughout the night. Scorpion’s crowd also has more “cliques” or groups that you constantly see out together while Libby’s crowd is much more random meaning you almost always see people you never have before. Reaching a consensus to which bar is actually the best will probably never happen, but there is one thing that the students of UNH seem to agree upon. They all love to go out for a few drinks, or more than a few, get down on the dance floor and have a good time.

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