Sylvan Esso

Simple, sweet & almost bare, Sylvan Esso has defined a genre in of itself with her upbeat, ghost-like tone & electronic accompaniment.

With only two albums to date, each and every song released by the duo dawning from Durham, NC, is an instant hit. The echoing tone and electronic harmonizing of the slam-poetry-style-sounds rings against the powerful messages hidden beneath a hypnotizing beat. It is warm belly music.

Most known for the songs, “Coffee,” & “Hey Mami,” the majority of the group’s work is comprised solely of Amelia Meathe’s vocals and Nick Sanborn’s electronic production.

Sylvan Esso is haunting, yet upbeat - it rings with a perpetually bittersweet tone with a strong emphasis on the sweet.

It is incredibly difficult to understand what Esso is saying within their airy, light lyrics. Yet, if you took the time to really listen, the group creates poetic and political statements with word play and long pauses.

This is absolutely perfect café music – try it with a latte.

9.5/10 - hands down best new pop artist.

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