“Social media is becoming very popular and with popularity comes power. Having a platform that I can share my creations on is something very special to me,” says Charlotte Krol, a sophomore here at UNH. Krol recently created an Instagram account, All American Rags, to promote her clothing line.

With social media being so relevant in our society today, especially in college culture, Krol hopes to use social media as an outlet to promote her business and ideas. By gaining more followers and becoming more well-known, Krol will be able to achieve her goal of spreading the word about sustainable fashion to the Durham community and UNH campus. By utilizing social media as a platform, she is able do what she loves while helping the environment.

Krol chose the name for her clothing line from the band The All American Rejects, because she believes, just like the band, that her clothes are unique. All the fabrics Krol uses are from recycled materials that she finds from thrift shops, hence “rags” in the title. She eventually turns these articles of clothing into something totally new and different that show off her own creative style.

Krol’s inspiration came from different clothing items that she sees on other people around campus or in her hometown. No matter where she is, she is always on the lookout for inspiration that she can recreate and put her own spin on. As Krol explains the reason she loves making these articles of clothing, her eyes light up, “I love the idea of taking discarded clothing that people no longer find valuable and turning it into something people consider on-trend. It really furthers the idea that anything can be beautiful.”

Krol is not alone in her love for taking clothes and turning them into something completely new. Krol, her mother and her grandmother have been upcycling their clothing items and sewing on different patterns for years. This love for fashion has been in her family for decades and she does not see it ending any time soon. Krol explains, “Everything I have learned is from them and I could not be more thankful to grow up in such a creative and wonderful environment.”

On top of the endless love and support from her family, Krol also has the constant backing of her sorority. When Krol suggested creating an Instagram to showcase her creation to some of her sisters, they all encouraged her to do it. Krol described how some of her sisters buy and sell their clothes on their Facebook page, which sparked an interest for her. This idea really spoke to Krol because it allows girls to wear different articles of clothing they would not usually wear with confidence.

“High school is a time to figure yourself out and I always hid who I was and my true style because I was afraid of what my classmates would think. However, college has really allowed me to come out of my shell and dress however I want because now, I accept myself for who I truly am.”

Krol has the utmost gratitude for all the support she has received thus far and hopes to continue and grow her brand. She would love to one day be known for turning someone else’s idea of trash into beautiful, unique, masterpiece.

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