An Evening With Main Street & Peach Pit

“I just need a beer” - all six people in the five-seat car.

In all actuality, I was the only one saying that. But I think everyone needed one after Blake’s pestering of Anna to “hurry up” and “step on it,” expecting to be late. We weren’t late...we were two hours early.

And so, the beer wish was granted.

Let me take you back to some few weeks ago when we first started talking of this evening. I still felt like an outcast in the group. Only six months ago I had joined the magazine after a gentle nudge from Blake telling me to get my work out there. I came back to the mag this year with a few goals in mind: learn what I can from Blake and Maddie and get an editor’s position.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve crossed both goals off my list.

Given an opportunity to become an editor two weeks into school changed the course of this year drastically. This was everything I was looking for at UNH. Everything seemed to be playing its course. It was more than just the magazine itself; the opportunity to learn from two seasoned vets in Maddie and Blake was something so valuable. I thought our time together was going to be longer, but after Blake and Maddie both informed me that they were graduating early, it was now or never—and I chose now.

So, when they mentioned the Peach Pit concert, I jumped at the opportunity to get a spot in the car. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to see Peach Pit pretty damn bad. But an opportunity to share an evening with Blake, Anna and Maddie on a Friday night in Boston seemed like my best bet to get to know them better. (I mean, we have certainly gotten to know each other pretty well after sitting in a windowless room for hours on end during production weeks, but this was something else.)

Days after the concert, I sat down and wrote this piece. I wanted to write a review, but this came out instead.


Without you, my friend, I probably wouldn’t be writing this piece right now. You encouraged me to get my stuff out there and for that, I thank you. As my editor, you opened the door to a creative freedom I had yet to be exposed to in college. I had no idea what I was getting into when you told me to come to a meeting, but I’m certainly glad it happened.


I am thankful to have worked beside somebody as creative and intelligent as you. For you, it was never about you or personal gain from this magazine, you just wanted to create something that was really freaking good—and I think that you have done that without a doubt. I look forward to continuing the precedent you have set for this magazine.

And last but certainly not least, Anna,

I may have been slightly scared for my life on the way to Boston, but all that fear was thrown out the window when you got us back safe at three in the morning. What do you say we continue this precedent of creative freedom and energy in the next what, six editions together? I’m excited and optimistic about what we can put together and produce.

Little did I know I’d find some of the most creative, humorous, intelligent and kind-hearted people on this campus through Main Street Magazine. Without you all, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Blake and Maddie, I am in no denial that you two will succeed in whatever path you decide to take. You guys will forever hold a place in my heart.

And to the people that continue to read this magazine every edition, thank you a million times. Anna, the Main Street team and I look forward to continuing to create the best Magazine possible. We have some pretty damn big shoes to fill, but we look forward to the journey that lies ahead of us.

Oh yeah and as far as Peach Pit goes, electric would be a sufficient description of the show. They opened the show with my two personal favorites “Techno Show” and “Sweet FA” (also Anna’s favorites.) The band was interactive, humorous, and was most certainly on top of their game. The best shows are always the ones where you feel like you’re just listening to a friend play music and sharing a beer with them, and this was one of those concerts. The crowd may have been smaller than most, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell that by the energy. Air drums and guitars were in quite the abundance and there wasn’t a single person not dancing or bopping their head to the music all night. Well, maybe besides Blake, who captured this bands emotion with the pictures he snapped.

For anyone looking for that indie, surf rock, “chewed bubblegum pop sound” Peach Pit is the band for you.

Thank you all again, I can’t say it enough.

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