Mother! Movie Review

Darren Aronofsky hits it home (again) with Mother! Aronofsky has directed various critically-acclaimed psychological thrillers such as Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan. He is also known for biopic The Wrestler. Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem play a couple existing in tranquil existence until uninvited guests arrive for a stay at their home. What follows are a series of events that become increasingly more absurd than the last. Themes of contrasting forms of conditional and unconditional love, devotion and sacrifice underlie a sensationalized story of a man and a woman damned to apocalyptic chaos. The film lends itself to the likes of Roman Polanski (e.g. Rosemary’s Baby, The Tenant) and Brian De Palma (e.g. Carrie, Dressed to Kill). Although categorized as a psychological thriller, Mother! is, in some ways, very much a divine comedy. The plot is thick with biblical context, bringing the story full circle from Genesis to Revelation. The film is not without Aronofsky’s directorial trademarks: destructive protagonists, expressionism, hallucinations. In other words, this movie is an absolute trip.

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