Music Review: Abandoned Mansion

Abandoned Mansion: an album by Dr. Dog.

With influences from classic rock artists like Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan, Dr. Dog is bringing psychedelic music back into the mainstream with their unique alternative sound. Dr. Dog is one of those bands who found their sound and perfected it. The songs on Abandoned Mansion are easy to listen to, great to have playing in the background, even better when you actually sit down, listen and let the music take hold.

Track highlights:

“Jim Song” - This song screams Bob Dylan from start to finish. It starts with a simple harmonica and acoustic guitar strumming away. More instruments are added in as the pace quickens, making it slightly more progressive. This song is about a love lost and the leftover feelings following a breakup.

“Could’ve Happened to Me” - This song has a Grateful Dead flair to it. Featuring an acoustic guitar on rhythm, an electric guitar for the licks, and a mellow, airy organ, “Could’ve Happened to Me” offers a perfect psychedelic rock feel with that indistinguishable Dr. Dog sound.

“Abandoned Mansion” - This is the last song on the album and in my opinion the best one. There is a noticeable Pink Floyd influence. An organ is present throughout most of the song as a drone note, giving the song a wavy ambience. The simple piano chords and the melodic guitar riffs provide a foundation to the song’s verse and in turn creates a perfect segway into the long awaited chorus.

As I mentioned in some of the song descriptions, this album seems to have heavy influence from artists in the 60s and 70s. They capture the essence of these great artists in their songs, yet none of those influences control their sound.


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