Justin Randle, a senior at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) said, “SCOPE has changed my career path, college experience and life completely.” Despite having a major in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration, Randle hopes to have a career in the music industry either making music or event planning for concerts. Randle’s inspiration for music has risen because of SCOPE and all the new opportunities and possibilities he has been introduced to.

Randle joined SCOPE as a first semester freshman in the Fall of 2015 after seeing the organization at U-Day. It was three weeks into school before Randle found SCOPE and had his world changed drastically. Initially entering UNH Randle was having a hard time adjusting to the new college atmosphere and not knowing many people on campus. Randle decided to go outside his comfort zone and interview for SCOPE and join a campus organization that would forever change his life. Randle said, “I gained 25 new family members who taught me everything I needed to know about UNH and honestly, life.” SCOPE gave Randle a sense of community and a place he could share his love for music with people that had the same passion and drive that he had.

Now four years later, and the member of the publicity department, Randle is preparing for his final concert in SCOPE for this upcoming spring concert. Even though the details on booking artists must remain confidential, Randle spoke vaguely about how the members of SCOPE go about deciding which artists will be in the running for our semester concerts.

The members of SCOPE begin planning the concerts over the duration over the summer using GroupMe to discuss possible acts that they could hire. While most of their focus is on the fall concert because it comes up first, there are still deliberations over which artist they may want for the spring.

Once school starts in the fall SCOPE has weekly meetings at 9pm and depending on how much there needs to be discussed meetings have lasted well until midnight. Each member comes to the meeting with a list of possible artists they believe UNH students would be interested in seeing. The members of SCOPE factor in which artists have a high demand from students, their relevance to the music industry at the time, and if that artist has a respectable history working with universities. As the members continue to narrow down their list for the upcoming concert week by week, the team gives their final list with 3-5 artists on it to their agent. Their agent, who remains anonymous, was an alumnus of SCOPE and has many contacts within the music industry. Their agent then contacts the artists on their list, negotiating the date and price, and eventually gets back to SCOPE with the artist that will be performing that year. “Our agent is our backbone we all owe him so much. He’s helped us create the amazing concerts we have put on,” Randle said.

Now that the fall semester is coming to an end and we quickly approaching the spring semester, the planning for the final concert of the year has begun. For many members of SCOPE this will be their final concert. “It would be amazing to hear students say my final concert in SCOPE was one of the best concerts they have been to,” Randle said.

Being in SCOPE has not only changed Randle’s college experience and career path but it has also changed him as a person. “I hope that my time in SCOPE will influence the new members to continue with this organization and help make it sustainable for the future,” said Randle.

Being in SCOPE has had its challenges; from late hours to stressful nights of planning. Despite all of these, Randle said it has been the most rewarding thing he has been a part of at UNH. Randle said he has met artists such as, ASAP Ferg, Lil Uzi, Amine, Galantis and Chase Rice, just to name a few. Randle said there are many things that make all the late night's worth it, but his top favorite would have to be friends, classmates, or just students coming up to him saying “that was the best night of my life” or even kids telling him they have met their boyfriend/girlfriend at the concerts. “Nothing is better than hearing that, it’s pretty crazy,” Randle said.

As a student at UNH, I know how serious our students here take the release of the concert date and performers. There are always rumors buzzing around campus about who the possible artist will be for the upcoming concert. The most challenging part about being in SCOPE Randle said was, “knowing who the concert is but having to keep it a secret from my friends, roommates, classmates, etc.” Randle said that he has received threats, blackmail, and even bribery in exchange for telling who the upcoming concert was. “I just get this from my friends as a joke,” Randle said laughing, continuing with “it’s all fun and games. People just really want to know who the concert is.”

When questioned about this upcoming spring concert and revealing even the

smallest bit of information such as what genre the concert would be, Randle smirked and said, “Nah I’m good fam.”

The concert ticket prices have fluctuated over the past year and a half, Randle said, but it was nothing they hadn’t expected. The spring concert has been in the works for months now and Randle said, “this next show will be spectacular.”

Photograph by: Anthony Gallo

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