A Conversation with Daylo

What happens when you put together a fivesome of the “the camp-co guy”, a female lead vocalist, two UNH jazz band members and a groovy bass player? Daylo, the band that has got everyone talking on campus.

The five members, Chris Salemme (percussion); Chase Retrosi (keys); Sophia Kurzius (lead vocals); Nick Paul (bass); and of course Willie Downing “the camp-co guy” (lead guitar), have taken the local music scene by storm. Selling out the Stone Church and filling venues throughout the area with their unique sound, a creative mix of indie psych/pop/rock, or as Chase and Sophia would describe it, “it’s fun music, it’s Daylo music.”

Although Sophia claims she doesn’t have much of a stage presence, her passion exudes through her vocal ability on stage and when the microphone is put away, her diligence in the way she speaks about her music and what has gotten her to this point.

Chase’s ability to build you up one moment and then break it all down on the keys transforms this band’s sound. Not to mention the constant synth hits that put you in a psychedelic fit.

Chris, the backbone of the band - well, he’s just a killer drummer - it appears effortless for him behind the kit, even as one of his pedals breaks mid-song.

Nick’s taste in folk music doesn’t even come close to exemplifying his bass style. I haven’t seen anyone who “slaps da bass” harder since Paul Rudd in “I Love You, Man.” Not to mention the chemistry Chris and he appear to have, constantly going off each other’s groove.

Willie’s ability to shred his six-string in such an intricate yet powerful way is something to witness. Moving up and down the neck, Willie is constantly giving the audience tasty licks, shedding his normal mellow temperament.

Together, this one-of-a-kind crew comprises Daylo. The band’s playful yet dreary sound makes for catchy lyrics to sing along to and a lot of dancing. Even with no digital recordings of songs, Sophia is pretty apt to giving her microphone away to the people lining the front of the stage - letting them do the singing.

“We just want to make music that makes you feel something.”

They have an EP titled “In Dreams” that is set to be released by the end of March. Despite that, Chase and I both believe that Daylo’s music is something to be heard live, so definitely check them out next time they hit the Stone Church - but just be sure you get there early because chances are it’ll sell out again.

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