Not Your Average Edible

CBD. I’m sure you’ve all heard it before since companies across the country are filling their shelves with infused products as soon as they can get their hands on it. With knowing that Cannabidiol, what we refer to as CBD, is one of the two primary chemical compounds that make up marijuana, you might question how this could possibly be legal. Disclaimer: if you didn’t already know, it won’t get you stoned, but I can promise, the benefits are proven to be endless - well, minus the high. It’s a hell of a lot more than your average edible, and you definitely won’t get thrown in cuffs for using it. So grab yourself an infused coffee at downtown, Newmarket’s ‘Crack Skulls’, and take a read.

To get technical here, Tetrahydrocannabinol, what we know as THC, is the other primary natural cannabinoid that makes up the cannabis sativa plant - pot, weed, dope, herb, whatever you want to call it. THC is the reason users get ‘high’ from smoking weed; however, both chemicals have their own remedial characteristics. The two act in opposing ways, counteracting one another’s benefits to trigger different receptors in our brain and bodies. The interactions impact the delivery of neurotransmitters: chemicals in charge of carrying messages. That’s exactly why people feel and act the way they do when they’re high. It all depends on the strain and levels of CBD and THC.

By no means am I shaming​ recreational marijuana usage, but

straight CBD does not cause the euphoric effects that exist with THC, and that could be for the better. CBD is preferred for the lack of side effects that come with being deliriously ‘baked’. Strains that are higher in THC naturally result in increased heart rate, slower reaction times, memory loss and poor coordination, all of which raise anxiety levels. CBD diminishes the hallucinatory effects of THC.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, ‘So what’s the hype about if I’m not getting high?’

I’m no doctor either, but according to the World Health Organization’s expert committee on drug dependence, research has offered a long list of conditions that CBD benefits. Don’t just jump to ditching the Adderall or prescription meds just like that; but, if you suffer from anxiety, focus or any other mental health conditions, it’s something to consider. Even if you’re simply looking for a quick bring-me-up, give CBD a try. It’s distinct effects work to calm the brain and support the hippocampus, essential to healthy emotion and memory. The best part, it can be infused into just about anything you can imagine - one of the most popular: CBD coffee.

It sounds complex, but when consumed, the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream which directly connects to our body’s endocannabinoid system, in charge of balancing mood, sleep patterns, appetite and more. It interacts with this system to let out more endocannabinoids along with hormones, enzymes, and all that good stuff that makes us feel calm and relaxed.

CBD’s most outstanding benefits are reported by its ability to combat stress in users. College students especially can understand, anxiety tends to consume us from time to time - whether it’s just that point in the semester or on a daily basis, we can all admit to suffering the pressure of course work while maintaining a social life. Stress is the hidden factor of most anxiety disorders and has the potential to intensify the causes of mental illness. It works to diminish mental health all over the spectrum, ranging from depression and PTSD to autism symptoms as well. Many consumers have weaned off antipsychotic medications for the sole purpose that CBD aids the same causes but with fewer side effects. For those who are looking to get hooked, it simply serves as a mechanism to cope with life’s stressors whether you suffer from mental illness or not.

CBD isn’t some ‘taboo fad’ just targeting college students and young adults, it’s becoming a contemporary revolution for all generations. In fact, the benefits of CBD oils and infused products go far beyond mental health perks. Research over the past couple of years has proven extensive physical health benefits, going as far as reduced risk of cancer, diabetes, protection against the bones and skin, maintenance of brain health and trauma as well as producing better cholesterol profiles and cardiovascular diseases.

So now that you’re CBD geniuses, and hopefully big coffee fanatics, you’re in store to uncover the best morning routine.

As you know, CBD and coffee both display benefits on their own, so by merging the powers of the two, infused coffee has become one of the biggest trends. Mixing the essential morning drink with the benefits of CBD even has some OG cannabis haters hooked. The combination of the two, have extensive mood-boosting attributes that coincide and dwindle the burden of depression and anxiety. And again, it’s all about those scientific effects on our brain that lead to positive results.

To some, the bonuses may be confusing considering coffee is an ‘upper’ due to high amounts of caffeine as opposed to cannabis which is a notorious downer. As we know, coffee is all about that early morning energy that gets us going throughout the day, but too much caffeine can tip us over the edge. Have you ever been able to drink a full cup of coffee then fall asleep? Probably not. Caffeine tends to boost anxiety and insomnia on its own, so the great thing about CBD coffee is the contrasting effects. It wipes out those negative alter effects to create the perfect, yet calming energy for a great start to the day.

Where can you get CBD infused coffee around UNH? As mentioned, downtown Newmarket’s ‘Crackskulls Books & Coffee’ has been one of the hot spots to sit and sip some of the best CBD coffee. If you’re looking for quick and on-the-go, ‘Coffee Craving’ cart in Lee has been tied for the best coffee against ‘The Coffee Station’ in Newmarket for years, but since October they’ve been serving CBD infused coffee. For those who were on the fence, the CBD ice coffee became a game changer. The line may be long, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

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