A College Scandal

So what happened anyway? Just in case anyone is a little rusty on their current events lets recap what has been going on with this college scandal:

  • 50 people have been charged including college coaches, standardized test administrators, and parents, with basically cheating and paying their way into prestigious universities: AKA parents are paying under the table money to get their kids into school

  • The schools involved were University of Southern California, Yale, UCLA, Stanford, Georgetown, Wake Forest, UT austin, University of San Diego

If you are asking yourself why this is such a big deal, you're not alone. I think we all can name a couple friends or high school acquaintances who ended up at a school that lets say was a little more academically inclined or challenging than they were fit for. Did their dad donate a building? Did their college coach call in a few favors with admissions? We don't know. And that’s the thing, we don't ever hear about it, it just kind of happens and we don't ask questions. Meanwhile CNN, The New York Times, and any other newsroom is losing their cool over this like it has never happened before.

But what has got to be the best part about all of this is that Lori Loughlin, better known as aunt Becky from Full House, is in the midst of it all. She literally went to the ends of this earth to get her youtube famous daughter into University of Southern California. Some may know her daughter as a youtube star, Olivia Jade. Olivia Jade is your prototype of a privileged teenage girl who lives off of her parents money, and money from her sponsors. In a video where she talks about her future plans after college she explained that she really didn't need to go to college because she has jobs set up and enough money to not worry, “I do want the experience of game days, partying… I don't really care about school” she said. So in a way I do feel bad because she is being dragged through the mud for something that happens all the time, but in a way I think Karma is playing its role and I will just sip my tea and watch.

Did Olivia Jade know she was being admitted into USC illegally? Yes, of course she did. First off: you know if you are qualified to get into a school, second: her and her sister sent pictures of them on ergometers (rowing machines) with their applications, insinuating they were going to the school for rowing. Like come on, you had a photoshoot on rowing machines? Just donate a library like a normal billionaire, jeez. Since this scandal has broke, Olivia Jade has left USC, lost a bunch of sponsors including Sephora, Tresemme, and Estee Lauder.

Another thought on all of this malarkey: who the heck paid to get their child into University of San Diego, the acceptance rate is 51.7%. Now by no means am I saying University of San Diego is a bad school, it's just that if you are going to throw your money at a school it might as well be the Princeton's and Harvard's of the world. Like if I had Jordan Belfort money, the odds of me attending UNH would be slim to none.

Good news for the students involved, they are not being charged with anything. Bad news for aunt Becky, that's not the case. She went to court in LA and then got released on one million dollar bail. If my bail was one million dollars, my loved ones would say “Best of luck behind bars!”

For the years to come when I ask for a birthday gift, my family will be playing the “we paid for your college tuition” card, which is very reasonable considering how overpriced school is. Out of state tuition at UNH without scholarships, grants, and loans is roughly $45,000, in state about $28,000, which is including housing and . Let’s do some quick math, there are about 14,000 undergrad students, and 44% of the students are in state. So lets say 7,840 are paying out of state and 6,160 are paying in state, that adds up to around 5.3 million dollars for just one year. Have you seen the library bathrooms?! Good God that does not make sense. We leave after four years with a piece of paper, basically a participation trophy. I love this school, but jeez they are robbing us.

So what’s happening now? Although she has not publically spoken about the charges, well, Aunt Becky has been walking into her court dates, signing autographs and taking pictures. Just like any other convict, right? Aunt Becky is pleading not guilty, which is bold to say the least, considering thirteen other parents involved in the case are pleading guilty.

Pleading not guilty could put Aunt Becky and her husband Mossimo Giannulli in prison for up to 40 years.

Is she nuts? Does aunt Becky really think she is going to be found not guilty after her family got dragged through the mud, her daughter dropped out of school, she sent photos of her daughter on rowing machines, and there are emails between her and admissions about this? Or does does she have something up her sleeve that we don't know about? Is she going to pay the jury $500,000 more? I will ponder these questions while I watch an episode of Full House.

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