A Letter to our Readers

There is something to be said when you finally feel like you’ve found your calling. Something that truly excites you like nothing ever has. For me, Main Street Magazine was that calling. Because of Main Street and its ability to give students the capacity to express what they are passionate about in so many different mediums, I have discovered this passion for storytelling. And through the ups and downs of the past three years, I think it is safe to say that there is a beauty in the struggle. With a trust in yourself, the choices you make and life’s natural ebb and flow, opportunities, connections and experiences begin to open themselves up.

It’s hard to put into words what Main Street has given to me. It gave me that calling; it was the rainbow at the end of the storm. I am given the chance every Tuesday night at 7 P.M. to open a door to new possibilities for some of these writers and creators. By giving them a chance to be heard, show their work and express this passion of theirs in an unfiltered manner, I too am returning the special gift of being affiliated with this publication that I received only a year and a half ago. This freedom of expression, authenticity and the connections we form with the people in the group is what makes this thing so damn special.

As I move forward as Editor-in-Chief, I can only hope that what my readers see is authentic, passionate work done by the truly unique and creative minds that I get to “be in charge of.” My fellow editors and writers are the only people I want to spend my Tuesday nights with - they are what makes this publication so special. The work that they do behind the scenes is something so exceedingly extraordinary and without them, my first two editions published as Editor-in-Chief last semester would not have been possible.

The wonderful people this editing team consists of includes Caleb, our new managing editor, who constantly stayed late with me talking about music, films, pieces of writing and just the complexities of life and how we move through it. Zach, a creative, wise and experienced writer who brings to the table a view on the world so unique. When we put out the summer edition, I read Zach’s “Curiouser Curios: With Selections From ‘Auguries of Innocence’” four times because it held so much wisdom in just those two pages. Julia, who always stepped up to the plate, was a great editor and mentor for my sister and provided me with incredible pieces of writing, two of which inspired covers last year. My sister Delaney is joining our editing staff, and yes, I know what you are thinking, favoritism. But in all reality, she was the first to make it be known that she wanted a bigger role in this publication. This coupled with her passion that shone brightly through her writing made it a no brainer. And finally, TNH’S finest sports editor, Sam, should have no trouble fitting in as he takes his first stab at the magazine world.

Oh yeah, and Anna's back. Words can't describe what it means to have somebody like her around. Her creativity and passion for this magazine were truly missed last semester. With her back, I have no doubt that this magazine will drastically improve in so many different aspects.

And for my writers: Well, I know Doug’s going to be there that first Tuesday - that’s for sure. Every time I see the man I am left with a smile on my face. For those who don’t know, Doug is a middle-aged veteran who time and time again delivers well thought-out work that is both representative of his character as a person and his passion for writing and storytelling.

But other than him, I don’t know who’s going to come back; I only hope that all my previous writers do. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should come join the Main Street team on September 3, 2019 at 7 P.M. in the newsroom and introduce yourself. Tell us what you love to do, your favorite movie, music, anything that you think defines you as an individual. Fuck it, come and tell me your life story, your triumphs and your moments of despair. Tell me what brings about your most creative self and put that into words, pieces of art or photographs. Let your work be seen, heard and read by people throughout this community. Really what I am saying is the only way that Main Street Magazine will be the most authentic, honest and creative it’s ever been will be through the minds of the most visionary people on this campus.

And to the people that took the time to read this letter, I can't thank you enough. Knowing that some people look forward to picking up this magazine is what keeps me so motivated to lead a group that enraptures you and brings you to this place of passion displayed by our team’s work. Simply put, without you guys, we all wouldn't be here. Thank you for giving us an audience, for making it feel like our voices, ideas and true creative selves are being heard.

I hope you guys dig a more creative, updated style on our website. I tried really hard to make it a simple, casual design with (of course) the incorporation of Wes Anderson-inspired color selections. Oh - and also in the layout and design of our published magazine, which will come without the sacrifice of our integrity or the quality of work we publish. Main Street 2019-2020 is going to be something special; I can guarantee you that.

I hope you make the choice to join us on Tuesday nights.





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