5 Best Christmas Disney Episodes

With the holidays upon us, I felt it was my civic duty to bring you the best Christmas episodes from throwback Disney Channel shows. Some disclaimers before you continue reading: I am sorry if your favorite show’s holiday episode is not on this list. Also some shows had multiple holiday episodes during their run but I only listed the one I felt was better.

5. Kim Possible: Season 2 episode 13 “A Very Possible Christmas”

After Kim gives Ron such a heartfelt Christmas gift, Ron decides to give her something special in return. He does this by going to stop Dr. Draken himself while she spends Christmas celebrating with her family. This backfires (shocker) when Ron and Dr. Draken get stuck at the north pole and Kim can’t find them anywhere. With the help from her family and Wade the Possibles figure out where Ron is stuck. Christmas ends up being saved because Ron and Dr. D bond over their favorite holiday special, the special being a giant singing snowman. They decide to put the fighting on hold to be together.

Kim Possible is ranked #5 on this list not because anything is wrong with the episode. This episode has everything you would want from any Kim Possible episode, fighting, Ron’s crazy antics, a Kim and Ron cheek kiss and a whole lot of Christmas! Unfortunately, it is this low on the list because some other episodes were just all around better, sorry Kim. Watch this episode if you ship Ron and Kim and also love Christmas. Also there is a song at the end so that is a plus.

4. Lizzie McGuire: Season 2 episode 20 “Xtreme Xmas”

Lizzie McGuire has 2 Christmas episodes but I am ranking season two's episode as the better one. This episode follows Lizzie, who’s main focus is her Christmas float. Her family and Gordo have been helping an old folks home, trying to get the pipes fixed in time for Christmas. Nobby shows Lizzie that she should be there with her family helping instead of worrying about her float. She ends up winning the float contest, even though she has given up on it because Steven Tyler shows up as Santa to save the day.

A+ for nostalgia. A+ for Steven Tyler singing as Santa on a float. This is one episode I vividly remember watching as a kid. A great episode with lots of Christmas spirit and a good life lesson. Also the elf's name is Nobby so that's cool I guess.

3. Even Stevens: Season 1 episode 15 “Heck of a Hanukkah”

Louis finally finds the Hanukkah gifts and destroys them by mistake by dumping them out the window (we’ve all been there Louis). Of course Louis gets banned from celebrating Hanukkah and Ren says she wishes Louis was not her brother. He is visited by his Bubby (haha.. Bubby) to show him what it would be like if he was not born. In this version he is replaced by someone named Curtis and Louis realizes how much his family means to him and his family also realizes how much they need him in the family causing trouble and having fun.

This is another episode I remember watching as a kid. If you have any doubts about watching this episode just remember that Shia LaBeouf dances around with turkey on his head.

2. That’s So Raven: Season 1 episode 19 “Escape Clause”

In this episode it’s Christmas in the Baxter residence! Raven gets a vision of the necklace she is getting for Christmas and can’t help but opening it and wearing it to school. While at school Chelsea accidentally gets it stuck and it ends up getting destroyed by being run over by a lawn mower. As a result, Raven sets the gang on a mission to get a new one at the mall but they have to ditch class to do it. They almost get caught by their crazy teacher but Santa swoops in to save the day and Raven realizes the error of her ways. Santa sends her back to the beginning of the day so she can not open the gift and redo her day to spend it with her family.

If you have ever seen this episode them I am sure you are not surprised it is number 2 on this list. A classic tale of Raven’s power getting her into trouble. The message of this episode is a good one, about how by opening her gift she missed out on spending the day with her family. Do not open your gifts early kids!

1.The Suite Life of Zack and Cody; Season 1 episode 21 “Christmas at the Tipton”

The Tipton gets snowed in on Christmas and there is no more rooms available!!! London is Maddie’s secret santa and London makes her the awful pink sweater with a really long neck hole (this is important I swear!) There is a man and his wife, who is pregnant, that come into the Tipton looking for a room. The woman, named Mary ends up giving birth to the baby in the elevator and they use the pink long neck sweater to wrap up the baby. Maddie, Estabon, Zack and Cody all have a moment where they relate what is happening back to the story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus (subtle). It ends with Mosby giving a loving speech about family and togetherness during the holidays.

This is my favorite holiday episode, I am sorry if that is biased but you will not change my mind. Zack and Cody is a classic and every time I think of a Disney holiday episode this one comes to mind. The sweater with the massive neck hole is hilarious and when the twins get stuck in the elevator with Mary when her water breaks is a great scene. 10/10 recommend go watch for the holiday spirit and also the Sprouse twins.

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