Bedroom Pop: Chelsea Cutler is a bit of a sad boi

Chelsea Cutler is a leading artist who has helped to shape the tone of the genre through her intimate lyrics and style. Cutler has worked with artists like Kygo, Jeremy Zucker and Quinn XCII to create poppy sounds with melancholy lyrics. Like many fellow alternative and Bedroom Pop artists, Chelsea Cutler is a bit of a sad boi. There is vulnerability in the topics she talks about, focusing on her own experience with relationships, her struggles with mental health and the uncertainty of being a teen and twenty-something today.

She paints a lyrically-raw portrayal of what it’s like to deal with personal struggles like depression in a way that steps outside of the mainstream. In her song “Sometimes,” which she wrote with Jeremy Zucker, the delicate vocals, piano melody and minimal use of instruments takes the listener on a trip into the world of her inner thoughts and struggles.

“God only knows why it comes and it goes / Cuz I love you but sometimes I’d rather die / Than have to feel this way inside / This weight on my neck makes it hard to connect and I’m staring at my feet again / I don’t think they know it / How bad I’m broken / The colors you see have become lost on me and I can’t find the root of the bleed” “Sometimes” by Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker

The honesty in her songwriting extends beyond the way she writes about her struggles with depression and into other aspects of her life, like her relationships. Songs like “I Was In Heaven” and “nj” (which totally wrecked me the first time I listened to it) off of her newest album How To Be Human, puts words to indescribable emotions. She’s speaking about herself, but with an accessibility listeners can relate to.

On-par with the carefree and rebellious attitudes of most Bedroom Pop artists, Cutler’s candid style goes beyond her music; her causal sounds are accompanied by clothes that are expressive and nonconformist, uniquely fitting the spirit of the music. She physically represents the casual intimacy existing in the genre in the way she presents herself. In most performances and interviews, the singer is dressed in graphic tees or sweatshirts, sneakers and has her hair tied back in a messy ponytail, as if she’s sitting comfortably in her bedroom, inviting you into her most personal space. I can imagine it’s what she was wearing when she sat down to write her songs.

As a Bedroom Pop musician, Chelsea Cutler embodies the authenticity the genre is built on, and in doing so, has shaped the genre to be what it is today. In her own words, “I don’t want to make music for having a hit.

At the end of the day writing is kind of a selfish thing. It’s my mode of creativity.” And that’s why the genre is so refreshing and compelling; it’s full of artists like Chelsea Cutler who create music for the sake of creating, regardless of industry expectations.

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