Social Slump

I love social media and all the things it has to offer, but lately I’ve been finding my phone battery constantly running low, and my morale even lower. Since social media is the main way we are currently connecting with friends and family right now, I’ve found that it's taken a bigger role in my life than ever before. The only way I’m able to keep up with friends is through a Facetime call, a text, or through social media, particularly Snapchat and Instagram. I’m grateful to have these tools available to me, but I’m also finding that the negative aspects are also harder to ignore at a time like this. I normally try not to pay too much mind to the amount of likes I have, or how many people have viewed or responded to my stories, but it's hard when I am suddenly equipped with exponentially more time to look at these things. I keep finding myself falling into the loop of scrolling through Instagram and reading each name of who viewed my story or liked my posts, and checking other people's activity. It’s making me feel like a psycho crazy person. How do I get out of this mindset when it only feels natural to explore these features with all of this new time on my hands? I’m not trying to say social media is pointless and shallow or claim that I’m above it, because I do love it. But it's hard to take a step back when it turns from something I enjoy to something that makes me feel bad.

Another popular change I’ve been seeing on social media that has made me feel unproductive and lazy is the fact that it feels like everyone is taking up a new hobby or using this time to better themselves in some shape or form. I have a ton of friends selling crafts they’re making during quarantine, like cute and ornate embroideries or handcrafted earrings. As someone who appreciates but sucks at art of any kind, it’s discouraging to see everyone making a ton of cute shit that I want to buy and not having something similar that I’m able to share with my friends and followers. Another proponent of social media that is influencing the way I’m feeling is that not only is everybody getting crafty, but it feels like everyone is eating healthy and getting in shape. People are using their time to prepare health and labor intensive meals, and going on runs or bike rides. All day long I see people riding bikes or going on runs from my bedroom window where I’m still in bed in my pajamas at 3:00 p.m. From there I usually go to the kitchen and make myself a plate of nachos. If I shower it’s a good day. Okay as I wrote this somebody I went to high school with just ran by again. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

But in spite of being down in the dumps about it all, it is good to see how people are making the most of a hard situation and exploring new ideas.

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