Three Poem Pack

Rise, Fall, Repeat

Like pandas perched on bamboo shoots,

I shimmied up the forest trees

And overlooked the canopy

Of dead leaves and naked roots.

The sun was rising on the horizon

(Surprising, I know)

And I was hiding inside a patch of rocks,

Watching birds launch off branches

Like feathered astronauts.

Later that same day my timer rang,

Indicating a finished load of laundry.

My back pocket was full of quarters,

Making me feel uneven.

And I was rushed, driving

Past pedestrians too slow to cross

And squirrels too stupid to know

That even time runs out.

At night, after a couple of beers,

I stumble to my stoop for a smoke,

Thinking life is nothing

Except sleep, food, and sex.

I ask the stars for input,

But they just shimmer,


Like a woman’s shrug,

Almost as if to say

“Is that all you think about?”


Dandelions aren’t roses

And dime-a-dozen women

Don’t deserve flowers.

You stood among

The sturdy shrubs and green trees,

Drunk on rainwater and life.

I was the man with the pan

Of bacon grease,

Watching the willows wilt.

Sometimes, gravity grabs at

Petals and pulls them apart.

Oftentimes, I pluck them myself–

I guess I like the way they fall.

You invited me in for coffee

And I watched your body roll

As the pot billowed with smoke.

“You’re pretty as a flower,” I said,

Strafing towards your smiling face,


And waking up alone.


Everybody has things to do.

There’s clothes to be bought,

Windows to wash,

Exits to take, hands to shake,

Meals to bake, lists to create.

Make a grocery list, don’t forget to,

In fact, add that to the to do list.

Fold the note into quarters;

Tuck it into your corduroys.

We’re out of milk, could use some eggs,

And haven’t had cheese in weeks.

Weeks? has it really been–

Meatloaf! Get meatloaf!

It’s been weeks since we’ve had meatloaf.

Now put on your loafers, loaf later,

You want to retire one day, right?

It’ll be great, they tell me.

My little cubicle is also great;

A really fantastic shade of gray.

Every now and then, though, I wish I could–

Come in early?

Sure, I don’t mind skipping breakfast,

I’m out of eggs anyways.

See, the store always closes before I–

Complain? Never, I like having

An empty fridge,

Gives me more room to–

Focus more, yes, I’ll focus more,

I just need to focus more, you’re right.

Yessir, I do understand.

Yessir, I am sorry.

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