Words From Denmark


and let the moment start.

The birth of a moment itself,

swirling about in the empyrean.

Our eyes are blurry,

and the godless glory is

astonishing to behold.

So perhaps we’ll miss it.

But nay I think it is here,

it is there,

and it is all about,

the very molecules coalescing

into some stunning singularity.

The moment, tangible and realized.

Like a nameless smithy forging his magnum opus,

we have arrived into some golden age where hope might have a chance to get its bearings.

The thin veneer named perception—

broken and lost to another age,

some iteration of ourselves gathering dust.

Stand beside me, brothers and sisters.

Together shall we float amidst destiny

and bring meaning into existence.

I think we might all be looking for the path

that was promised.

And it was right over our heads

all along,

a metaphysical joke

far beyond our own wit.

The dulcet sounds of dawn

are upon us now.

They allow us to bask

in the radiance

with some measure of peace.

Without them, we would surely be lost

in the chaos,

the din of men meandering meaninglessly

drowning us out forever.

Keeping us around in their hazy mess.

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