It's Okay if You're Done Being Productive for the Day at Noon

I want to talk about allowing yourself to not be productive.

During all this time at home, I’m sure you’ve had this same dilemma. Once you finish your work for the day, you go and give your brain a break for a while. But then, guilt kicks in. I’ve been watching Netflix for 3 hours and it’s not even dark yet. Maybe I should do something productive. There’s a fine line between a well-deserved break and being lazy, right? Normally, yeah. But something we need to realize is there’s been a new normal lately.

The situation we’ve been in has offered us time that we haven’t had in years. But what’s more, the emotional toll it’s taken has drained us of any energy we maybe would’ve had normally. You know that feeling you get when Friday hits and you remember that you’re going out with your friends tonight? The zing of energy that comes from stuff like that is something we’ve been lacking.

That combination is a recipe for laziness. But that’s okay! Because if doing nothing is what you need right now, that’s what you need. We’ve been raised in a go-go-go society, which means our brains are wired to think that we constantly need to be doing something. But this type of society has never had to deal with social-distancing.

That being said, you are not alone! So many people are dealing with the same stuff. Dishes piling up in the sink, bickering siblings, overgrown hair, finishing a TV series in a week… it’s all good!

And I know, as a college student, this situation is especially taxing. The biggest element of college is the social aspect; talking with your professor, hanging out with your friends, seeing someone in passing that you haven’t seen since you had that class together… and unfortunately, I can’t say for sure that I’ll see you in the fall. But the Wildcat community is still with you, it’s just a little more spread out.

This is a lot. Make sure you’re giving your body what it needs. Feed your mental health with something mindless. Feed your physical health with something that gets your blood pumping. But if your body is asking for something that it might not normally, just remember it’s okay. College is hard work—maybe this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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