Five Must-Hear Abstract Russian Hip-Hop Songs

1. "Биг Сити Лайф (Big City Life)" by Triagrutrika

"Yo, I fell asleep

And B-Real smoked me up in my dream

He was thanking me for rap

He said: 'Your hip-hop is fucking dope'

And then gave me a bong"

One of my friends claimed that this is a perfect song for getting high. While the quote above proves it text-wise, the production meshes with the lyrics and offers a whole spectrum of "smoked-up" sounds to the listener: fading sampled singing, elegant bass, and high voice in the background all appear in the first 25 seconds of the song. Starting with the line, "I've never been in America, I don't know how to rap," one of the group members (Vibe) underlines the fact that this current song is being made in Russia and then tells a story of a young person in a poor Russian town. His bandmates follow this up by offering both their internal emotions ("Time goes slow like it doesn't exist") and images from real life ("Porsche drives down one side of the road, there's a homeless person on its other side").

2. "Як 3 (Yak 3)" by Scriptonite

"You asked where is it fun around this town?

I'm feeling good in a place without anyone like you"

If the song above is perfect for a smoke-up session, this one would fit just fine in an after-party setting. The flow comes off a little hungover and the beat is downward and quiet, even though it sounds a bit noisy. A little pitched 8-bit sound throughout the song adds a "game" vibe and sends the listener to the hypothetical point of a party when there are only five people left and everyone is playing Xbox.

3. "Hustle Tales (feat. FEDUK)" by Big Baby Tape

"I woke up broke—it was a bad dream"

The kindest trap you've ever heard. Quotes from songs for kids and keys filled with positivity prove it. Perfect piece for sunny morning rides with your friends, especially if everyone knows the lyrics and sings along.

4. "Табор Уходит в Небо (Tuvn)" by Kaspiyskiy Gruz

"I wish I could have better thoughts in my brain,

But I'm so dumb; I can be a deputy"

You've heard of GULAG, but have you heard much of current-day Russian prisons? Russian prison jargon, crime stories, and a beat sampled from a gypsy folk composition come together to construct a song that puts you in the shoes of a Russian thief in law with eyes as "cold as February." The perfect song to listen to in Russian prison, I’d imagine.

5. "Много Дыма" by Pasha Technique

"Lots of smoke in the apartment

And Columbian coke

There are two portions of codeine

Coming out of my bro"

If you ever wondered how being completely drugged out sounds like, this song is for you. Starting as something that sounds like it’s straight from hell, the song’s slimy instrumental crawls all over the listener and brings you to a weird state of mind. If audio drugs exist, this is probably it.

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