Caleb Jagoda

Editor in Chief

You’ve got to understand something about me. I’m very aquatic. At any moment, I could be diving into a body of water. I jump from high things and land… perfectly.


In retrospect, these are actually Action Bronson quotes and don’t describe me well at all. But I do love Action Bronson. And a lot of other musicians. 


I’m known to sit by a fire and recite the works of the great 21st-century philosopher Rocrates Marcianicus (also known as New York rapper Roc Marciano). I own a boom box and have the only cassette tape that matters (2001 by Dr. Dre). I really like a lot of very weird wordy underground rap (like billy woods and ELUCID and milo and Quelle Chris and many others I'm exceedingly fond of).


I’m a senior journalism major. Dazed and Confused is my favorite movie. Bob Kaufman is my hero. My main function is to unite the soul with oatmeal cookies. I'm known to sit on a stoop with a 40 and a wine wood tip black n' mild. Many of my clothes were purchased from Savers and have many food stains on them (from me). I would never demean the self with definition. I am only an idea, and today, I have none. I am specifically general. And I love Main Street Mag.

trevor the dog.JPG

Anna Parisi

Creative Consultant

Journalism student. Wes Anderson enthusiast. Lover of film and music. Hot sauce aficionado.


Likes: creative people, Jeff Goldblum, complimentary hotel breakfasts.


Dislikes: scary movies that aren’t scary, being away from my dog, people who record an entire concert on their phone.


I have various food allergies and I rarely keep my epi-pen on me, so yeah, you could say I’m a wild card.


For real though, I have an undying love for this magazine and feel pretty lucky to be a part of it. 


Alyssa Doust



I’m a june-yuh Studio Arts Major concentrating in Graphic Design; so yes, I most certainly do have a favorite font. And no, it’s not Papyrus or Curly or Joker Face. And those shouldn’t be yours either. You’re better than that.


You can catch me at any moment of the day sharing memes with my roommate, daydreaming about meeting my idol Guy Fieri, or checking my horoscope to get guidance from the stars (okay but it has no business being THAT accurate).


But mostly you’ll find me running circles around the track for UNH T&F. Yeahhh, I don’t know how to juggle everything either, but give me a coffee with at least 4 hours of sleep and I can conquer the day. That’s college, right?


Some of my aesthetics: Puns. Dancing like a fool. Monty Python's Holy Grail. Listening to The Band Camino on repeat. Piercings. Showing up to everything 10 mins early. Quoting vine too often. Gyros. Mac Miller. 


I’m stoked to have the opportunity to join such a passionate group of editors and writers. I’m new to MSM but I could tell from the start that this staff puts their heart and soul into these publications. I love creating and giving people a new perspective to see the world, and that's just what Main Street is - a glimpse into our beautiful, crazy, chaotic lives. 


Evan Ringle

Content Editor

Gooooooooood morning Vietnam!


I'm a senior journalism major with an affinity for folk rock, Hunter S. Thompson, and any movie with Adam Driver in it.


I'm a bit of a political junkie. The Iowa Caucus is the Superbowl for me. I often erupt into unwavering tantrums after reading news articles on my phone and the only way I can calm myself down is through a breathing exercise I learned from a youtube video with David Lynch in it. I think the 2020 Democratic Primary might kill me.


I like to write about music I enjoy, and I also enjoy writing personal essays. I think I get the same pleasure and catharsis out of writing an essay that someone might get from going to firing range, or hiking the Swiss Alps. I haven't done either of these, but they seem fairly comparable.


I also love to cook. Throw me into a kitchen, and I'll make a meal for you. Everything tastes better with butter.


"I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me." -John Lennon


Zach Lewis

friend of the pod

I am become death, destroyer of worlds. Wait, that isn’t me at all.

I write a lot, read a lot, listen to a lot of music and drink a lot of coffee.

I love my wife, my cats, my friends and family. I also love yoga and whiskey and sake.

I’m a vegetarian - DEAL WITH IT! (But you can eat what you want, doesn’t bother me)

I’ve worked as a barista, musician, valet, waiter, dishwasher and barback.

I now work at a library and various publications as well as being a student.

I’m tall and have been known to wear shoes. My hair is attached to my head and I look with my eyes and hear with my ears. If that weirds you out or confuses you then I’ll be here when and if you change your mind and decide to relax.


Delaney Ripley

Content Editor

Yes, Chad and I are related. I also owe him the honor of introducing me to the world of Dead & Company. And for that, I’m thankful.


Sophomore Social Work student with a double minor in Women’s Studies & International Affairs. Would it surprise you if I told you I started off as a Biomedical Science major? Yeah, me too.


I’m a girl with a burning passion to see the world through different perspectives and advocate for social change.


My life seems to revolve around not getting enough sleep, drinking six cups of Yogi Stress Relief tea hoping my headache goes away and blasting Mac Miller’s album GO:OD AM on my Airpods. 


I love my family; two dogs and cat included. They make my days brighter.


Give me a bottle of Riesling, play the Lorem playlist on Spotify, and put me in front of the ocean and I promise you, I’ll be content for days.


Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. 


I really love Main Street and the outlet it gives us writers to free our minds. 


So, as Chad would say, Cheers.


Sadie Burgess

Content Editor

What’s up, I’m Sadie, welcome to my bio. 


I like long walks on the beach, R&B music (don’t get me started on Dreamville), TV and movies (don’t get me started on Breaking Bad) and making people laugh. In addition to being an editor here at Main Street, I’m the director of Improv Anonymous, UNH’s longest running comedy group and all that good stuff.


If you want to talk about politics, I’m your girl! I study journalism and polisci, and love a good (friendly) political conversation. I believe in open-mindedness, kindness and other things like those that don’t rhyme. My life’s philosophy is based on “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae—and I highly suggest doing the same.


Caroline Fitzgerald

Content Editor

How ‘bout that ride in? I guess that's why they call it sin city.


Hi, my name is Caroline (many songs have been written about me)! I am a senior journalism major who is currently seeking a new karaoke song because I feel that "Sweet Home Alabama" has run its course, suggestions encouraged.


Most days I wake up with “At the Tipton” from Suite Life of Zack and Cody stuck in my head and have no explanation as to why. I spend a lot of my time writing down business ideas that I think will hit it big and make me millions, but never actually do anything with the ideas, they just sit in my notes- I guess I'm kind of like Peter Dinklage from Elf. Oh ya, and I am Tom Brady’s biggest fan. 


I spend my time traveling, reading, writing, listening to music, and just like my fellow Main Street writers, drinking a lot of coffee. When I grow up I would like to travel, write for a magazine, and meet cool people.


I seriously can’t think of any foods I don’t like. 


I am a very friendly human with extremely bad vision, so if you see me out and I hesitate to say hi, that's why. 


If you see me at Libby’s don’t hesitate to buy me a whiskey ginger. Gods Speed.

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