Ember Nevins


Hey everyone! I’m a rising junior majoring in Studio Art and Women’s and Gender Studies and I am stoked to be the Editor-in-Chief at msm this year!

I’m kind of a creation junkie - I doodle like my life depends on it, and sometimes I experiment with film photography. I’m a lover of creative nonfiction, poetry, short stories, and all the other cool things that often materialize from the heads of young people. In my free time I love to cuddle with my dog piper, rewatch old movies from my childhood, and snack on salt and vinegar chips. 


I got involved with Main Street my freshman year, and I was instantly hooked. I was drawn to the collaboration, the creativity, and the overall vibe that is fostered here. Main Street Magazine is like a crazy community garden. And as a content editor last year I got to see firsthand how the seeds of ideas were planted and watered and cared for throughout each semester to create a wonderful wild jungle that was the release of our magazine. It's such a great feeling. And I am so so excited to grow another garden of content with you all this semester! :)


Daisy young



hi! i’m dais and i will be the managing editor at main st. this year :-) i’m a writer! i write personal essays, memoir, poetry, and even some journalism when i’m feeling crazy. i’m an english/sustainability major, going into my senior year :0 i’m a barista, i read, i love the woods and the beach. i wanted to get involved with main st. my whole time at unh and didn’t until my junior year. my message to you all is that it’s never too late to join the coolest student org on campus. we’re super inclusive and will <3 you. bonus points for being a little weird (or really weird).


Katie clayton



hiii! my names katie (she/they) and i’m super pumped to be the design editor for main street this year! i got involved with main street last year as a photographer and i’m so excited to stick with it. i’m a sophomore journalism major as well as a self proclaimed thrift god and barista extraordinaire. <3




Arts Editor

Whats up. I’m a Junior Studio Art Major concentrating on photography and drawing. I like to shoot on my bulky and heavy film cameras, listen to old Korean songs from the 70s-80s, and read books on my silly little kindle. I'm excited to see all the art thats going to be submitted this year, see you all soon!


Esther White

Content Editor

Hey! My name is Esther, and I’m a sophomore philosophy major here at UNH, which has been a perfect fit for my tendency to lay awake late at night pondering life’s most paralyzing questions. Questions like, “what will I do with a degree in philosophy?” I still have no idea! 


My hobbies include: rewatching Twin Peaks, formulating hot takes, and having inscrutable vibes. In addition to being a content editor at MSM, I plan to contribute movie reviews, poetry, and pop culture analyses — all complete with my own brand of cynicism and bizarre metaphor usage. 


I’m looking forward to getting in the creative flow with all you beautiful people, it’s going to be a great year! 



Content Editor

hey y’all! I’m an English Teaching major and a studio arts minor with a focus on photography! I’m super excited to be a content editor for msm this upcoming year. I mostly do 

absurdist/creepy/weird creative writing and scary photography as well. I’m a bird lover but only in the metaphorical sense, i actually kinda hate birds. My fears also include umbrellas, pelicans, and all other animals in general. I can’t wait to hear all of your creative ideas in the fall!


Brooklyn Pratt

Content Editor

Hi everyone! I’m Brooklyn and I’m a senior English/Journalism major with a concentration in Design Studies! I live in rural Western Mass where I spend my time baking, reading, cuddling my cat, and treating fairytales like textbooks. I’m a born reader and writer - I was the kid sneaking books out to recess in elementary school - and I’m so excited to be a content editor at msm this year! I love writing stream-of-consciousness pieces, creative nonfiction, and fiction work, but I can’t wait to read anything and everything for the mag this year!

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cade velleman

creative consultant

Howdy everyone! I'm Cade, and I'm a senior Business Admin Managment major. I'm currently interested in as many forms of art as I can discover, but some of my favorites are graphic design, photography, drawing, writing, music, and illustration.


I love dressing like a 70s character whenever possible, occasionally getting lost, and guitar solos that give me goosebumps. I have a far from timid addiction to Clif bars and the color purple in all its shades.


This summer I'm working at Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth and on campus at Topanga Canyon Vintage, as well as getting out there and exploring whenever I can. I'm stoked and ready to get after it with the mag this year! Cheers and have a stellar rest of the summer people✌️.

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Mascot & Inspiration

we <3 u evan