Editor in Chief

Alright, so you’re in my passenger seat. Fake dollar store skeletons dangle above your head. Halloween is long gone. We’re going 15 above the speed limit. Am I late? No. Early. I just get nervous. Two red bull cans (blueberry, my new favorite) occupy the cup holders. Both are open. Am I drinking them? No, I’ve got my ice coffee (hold the ice) in a glass from home spilling in my lap. I’ll drink the red bull at my 3pm slump hour. Deep house EDM plays over the sound system in my Nissan Rogue. The volume is all the way up as I try to explain how I’m trying to better my lifestyle by listening to NHPR and drinking water again. Have I been successful, you wonder. Not at all. You turn to look out the window and back to me, but I’m gone. I’ve perfected the Irish exit all too well. 



MacDonaldManaging Editor

Whenever I take a “Which Arthur Character Are You?” quiz online, I always get Buster Baxter, which kind of sucks. I like to imagine myself more as a Fern, or at least as a Prunella. On a good day, I could even be a D.W. But Buster Baxter, really??? Has he seen every single movie Woody Harrelson’s ever been in? I guess I have no way of knowing. He might have. Maybe I am Buster after all.  






A year ago I had no association with Main Street Mag. I had picked up graphic design since starting my college career, and had really focused on it over the course of the pandemic, but didn’t have any project that really showcased what I had learned. I knew about Main Street Mag and had enjoyed flipping through the past few issues, so I decided to ask about getting involved. I wasn’t really sure how much I’d be able to contribute, but I told myself I had to try. Serendipitously, Editor in Chief Alyssa Doust walked by me one night as I was sitting out on Main Street in a bean bag. We struck up a conversation about the magazine, and she informed me she was looking for a new Design Editor. After I performed a few dance moves as a sort of “audition,” Alyssa informed me the position was mine. 


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Arts Editor

When I was a kid I used to pretend I was Curious George. I would climb all over the furniture and make monkey noises. To be honest I don’t know anything about Curious George except he was a monkey and hung out with a guy who was always wearing yellow. The Man in the Yellow Hat, remember him? I don’t really know what was going through my head back then, with all the monkeying and climbing. But what I do know is I’m still that same kid deep down. First of all, its fun making monkey noises. But I also know that I love the same things. I like scribbling down drawings and being goofy with my friends. I like collecting little knick knacks and going on walks and listening to jazz. It’s funny the way life moves you from one place to another


Taylor Landry

Content Editor

i have no idea who i am, so i asked my friends to describe me. unfortunately, all they came up with is “kind of short,” “angry,” and “talks a lot,” so i guess i’m on my own here. let’s see. i’m a cat person. a swiftie. a bit of a horse girl. i’m the kind of person who regularly becomes close friends with 65-year-old hardware store employees. i’m allergic to carrots but i eat them anyways because i’m not afraid of anything. just kidding, i’m afraid of literally everything. my motivational anthem is frank sinatra’s “theme from new york, new york.” the only movie that has ever made me cry is mamma mia (and a secret second one that i won’t name because it’s somehow even more embarrassing than that). i’m the hardest-working unpaid advertiser for the cw’s riverdale. but mostly, i’m my own best friend. love you, you crazy son of a gun!


Delaney Ripley

Content Editor

fast facts (all you need to know about me encapsulated in 8 bullet points)

  • an adventure-seeker (as long as I don’t have to drive on the highway to get there)

  • irrational fears: the highway & cottage cheese

  • can whip out essential oils from my Mary Poppins bag to cure any ailment you may have 

  • an absolute slut for farmers markets 

  • eats strawberry leaves, kiwi skin, and the occasional sticker on an apple 

  • I once accidentally injected myself with an Epipen because I thought it was one of the tester ones 

  • would sell my soul for Tucker Pillsbury

  • a mantra I live by: we are literally particles of dust among millions floating in the universe around a fucking rock, stop taking life so seriously




Content Editor

I collect animal bones and I was kicked out of a band once. Those are really the only interesting things about me I can come up with right now. I never know what to write for these bio things. I’m supposed to tell you about myself? You tell me something about yourself. No really, tell me. Tell me something both interesting and worth reading right now. It’s not that easy huh? Don’t perceive me. Enjoy the magazine tho

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Mascot & Inspiration

we <3 u evan